How To Style Your Bandana

How To Style Your Bandana?

Did you know bandana is in fashion now and it can also look classy whether you are attending a party or going back to school
Home Remedies to Get a Glowing Skin

4 Home Remedies to Get a Glowing Skin

Make a skincare routine easy to benefit from all these suggestions. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen - get that glow back your glowing skin today!
Plant Based Leather Innovations

5 Plant-Based Leather Innovations

Luckily for us who love the appearance and durability that leather offers, there’s a wide range of completely animal-free options available
Crucial Foods for Human Health

20 Crucial Foods for Human Health

A list of 20 amazingly healthy and delicious foods that may improve your health as only a complex approach to your diet may promote your wellbeing
teas for flu like symptoms

Teas to Counter Flu-like Symptoms

Loose leaf tea has a wide range of benefits, keep reading to learn more about which tea bags and loose leaf tea you should stock up on
Ways To Help Stay Present

3 Ways To Help Stay Present

Finding time for quiet, outdoor strolls, and creative projects can help keep you in the present moment and make your mind calm
Benefits of Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia

4 Lesser Known Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali herb can treat several conditions from fevers, erectile dysfunction, bacterial infections, helps to relieve stress and works better than placebo
Spicy Food Benefits

Spicy Food Benefits

There are lots of health benefits of herbs and spices so we have distinguished six spicy food benefits for a quick glimpse for you
interview with designer clare hynes

Combining Style & Social Responsibility

Interview with jewelry designer Clare Hynes how she has taken inspiration from the colorful beauty of the Philippines to create her ‘Island Luxe’ collection