Monthly Print Publication

  1. Submit a fashion editorial/set of 5-12 images. A set must consist of high quality fashion images preferably from same shooting session and be coherent in style/post-production/theme. Editorial must have title or name.Images MUST not be published in any other online or print magazine/publication before, however we DO accepted images that were/are used on your website/social media/portfolio.
  2. Image files MUST NOT contain any watermark/text/graphic overlays.
  3. Images must be provided as individual files. Collages are NOT permitted. For PRINT (monthly publications): high-quality JPEG files, longest side of the files must be not less than 2000px, not smaller than 1MB in size, 300dpi, full page size is 25″ x 10.75″; For WEB (any online feature/webitorials): JPEG files must not exceed 600KB in size.
  4. Vertical images are prioritized but if you submit horizontal image please MAKE SURE the main object (i.e. model) IS NOT CENTERED in it.
  5. Quality over quantity. Editorial must be in a variety of poses, angles and compositions.
  6. Email subject field must clearly state submission theme (i.e. Webitorial, monthly issue – Summer Fashion, Fall Fashion, etc…), otherwise we reserve a right not to open your submission.
  7. Every submission/email with images you send MUST contain list of credits AS A TEXT (copied in emails body, attached as a separate text file, i.e. MS Word). List of credits CANNOT BE PDF file. List of credits usually contain name of Photographer, Model, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designer, Creative Director and so on. Credits must be provided for each separate image file if they are different. Links to online portfolios, websites, if any, of credited parties should be included in list of credits.
  8. All written text (biographies, editorial descriptions, stories, etc.) MUST BE provided as a separate text file (i.e. MS Word) or BE typed in email body. NO PDF files.
  9. Models MUST BE 18 years of age or older. Images featuring children or people younger than 18 years of age WILL BE denied without any exceptions, discussions or explanations.
  10. You should be copyright holder to the image(s) being submitted, or you should have permission from the copyright holder to submit the image(s) on his/her behalf. If we decide to publish your images, our release form must be signed by copyright holder (usually photographer). A release form will be emailed to you after we pronounce your submission as accepted.
  11. The deadline for each monthly submission is the 20th of the current month. Monthly publications/issues are released on the 1st day of the month.


Webitorial/Online Feature

  1. Submit at least 8 images. Files must be JPEGs and cannot exceed 600KB in size.
  2. Each webitorial must have title/name.
  3. Each webitorial MUST include list of credits as a text (photographer, model, makeup artist, fashion/designer, stylist, etc.). Include links to their portfolios, facebook page, or instagram, etc. if applicable. If models are different on each image please make sure you mark who is who.
  4. Email subject field must be “webitorial”, otherwise we reserve a right not to open your email.
  5. Models must be 18 years of age or older.
  6. All written text (credits list, biographies, editorial descriptions, stories, etc.) must be sent AS A TEXT file (not pdf). List of credits can be copy-pasted into email body.
  7. Images/sets must not be published in any other magazine or online/print publication before, however we are fine if submitted images were used on website, online portfolio or social media.
  8. Quality over quantity. Webitorial must be in a variety of poses, angles and compositions. Horizontal and vertical files are accepted.

We accept files via Dopbox,, or email.

Submissions email: [email protected]

We usually reply within 7 days IF we like your submission.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Rules & Conditions/Order of Procedure

STEP 1: Front Cover applications are accepted during the period of 1st to 30th day of the current month.

STEP 2:  Image must not be published on your social media, portfolio or any other magazines or publications before.

STEP 3: If Sheeba Magazine team decides to use your image as a front cover, you will be contacted via email with more detail for STEP 4.

STEP 4: You will provide the following on or before the 25th day of the current month:

  1. a fee of $430 via Paypal.
  2. a high resolution file as required (please read FAQ for more information).
  3. return a signed Release and Publication Agreement.

If the you fulfill all the above steps as required you will receive the following:

  1. Front Cover of monthly issue in print.
  2. High resolution tear-sheet(s).
  3. One copy of printed magazine with your image used as a front cover.

NOTE:  If you DO NOT fulfill any of the above your application will be denied.