Interior Living: 5 Ways to Impress Your Guests

Your number one job as a host is to make your guests feel welcome.

That may seem challenging if you are not a people person by nature. There is no rocket science involved here – it is just about adding a few extra touches here and there to make your guests feel special.

your guests

Apart from the obvious things like cleaning the house and airing out the smell of dogs – you can make your guest’s experience a far more enjoyable one by simply following these five steps below:

1 Scenting

Have you ever wondered why hotels smell so good?

There is a smart strategy behind that scenting. Different smells produce and evoke different emotions and sensations. Choose scented candles or room diffusers that promote feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and relaxation.

That will help to create a safe and welcoming environment for your friends and loved ones.

2 Privacy

The one thing everyone appreciates when staying with friends and family is some privacy.

Allow your guests to decompress in a private area or room of their own after they arrive. Even if you do not have a guest room, you can block off some space with room dividers or curtains to help your guests feel like they are in a space of their own.

Let your guests know your schedule for BBQs and events so that when you are not around, they can still relax and feel at home – not wait for your arrival like a canine companion.

3 Comfort

You want the best for your guests, and the number one way to provide that is through good old-fashioned comfort. When someone has a good night’s rest in a comfortable bed, they are automatically in a better mood when they wake up.

Invest in a comfy pull out sectional for your friends and family to roll out when they are ready to hit the hay. These come in an impressive variety of designs and colors to suit any space – so matching your living room or guest room will not be a problem.

4 Be Thoughtful

If you want your guest’s experience to be like no other experience they have ever had, you need to think a bit like a business and add value to their stay.

Check the temperature and find out if they are comfortable. Make sure they have enough blankets, towels, and a bottle of water for bedtime. It is always the little things that mean the most to people, so take it to the next level with your guests.

5 Put Their Needs First

Everyone down South knows that there is nothing in this world quite like Southern hospitality.

Hosts and hostesses should bend over backward for their guests, from arranging airport or bus station pickups to cooking their favorite meals. Your guest’s needs should come first, always.

Committing to hosting guests is a big commitment.

Unless they are close family or friends who need a place to bunk down, take care of them like they are royalty.

To End

Do not overthink it – no one expects you to be a hotel. All you need is to show a little love to your guests on arrival and then check they are content and comfortable throughout their stay with you.

Follow the above tips and always have plenty of food and drinks – that is all it takes to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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