Antioxidants: Complement Your Skincare Routine With These Foods

During the past few years, the skincare market has, quite literally, blown up. We have grown more aware of the fact that our skin deserves as much care as any other part of our body. Especially because the skin is what protects our body from the outside world.

Studies have shown that our skin also reflects internal changes regardless of whether they are physical or psychological. In fact, most skin medical conditions are deeply rooted in stress. This only proves one point: taking care of our biggest muscle is only another way of taking care of ourselves.

Antioxidants: Complement Your Skincare Routine

Now, skincare routines might be full of high-end anti-aging products. But the truth is that they are only going to do so much for our skin. A complete skincare routine also includes drinking lots of water, keeping a balanced diet, appropriate sleep habits and a weekly workout routine. In short, if you are spending hundreds on skincare products, but you’re not doing anything else, you are wasting your money. For this reason, here you have a list of foods you can include in your everyday meals to complement the antioxidants products you use.


Filled with vitamins and minerals, eggplants also carry a high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants like vitamin C prevent premature aging and can help reduce the consequences of normal aging in our skin, like wrinkles or dark spots.

In addition, they are high in fiber, the nutrient responsible for making us feel satiated and the one in charge of building our muscles. In this sense, eggplants can help your skin stay firmer. If you were hesitant about it, you can definitely keep making those delicious vegetarian stuffed eggplant recipes.

Green tea

Similar to eggplants, green tea boasts one great antioxidant which can benefit your skin in several ways. As we grow up, our body gradually stops breaking down collagen, the main factor in keeping our skin tense and firm. The antioxidant contained in green tea helps prevent this natural process, among other health benefits.

You can replace your morning cup of coffee for a cup of green tea. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you are not suggested to take it before going to bed.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is often cursed by this myth that it will grow blemishes in your face. This is only partially true, because it is not the case with dark chocolate! If you are a chocolate lover, you can keep having a tasty bite as long as it is dark and not the milky ones.

As well as being rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate reduces redness, which is often a symptom of dry skin. Dark chocolate helps retain water in the skin, making it soother.

How can you know which chocolates are good for the skin? Always go for 70% cocoa or more.

Spinach and other greens

In general, leafy vegetables, like spinach or kale, are also a great food to incorporate in your meals to help you boost the antioxidants share in your diet. In addition to this, these kinds of vegetables can help reduce the stress of our skin which is often signaled by dark spots or redness.

Naturally, the rawer, the better. Over-cooking spinach will take all the nutrients we want from it so it is more beneficial when it is raw.

Nuts (almonds, cashews and walnuts)

All of them are equally beneficial for treating wrinkles and signals of natural aging. Now, even if the nuts in themselves contain antioxidant properties, these are far more concentrated in the skin. So, make sure you get skin-on nuts.

Although they don’t quite fit in this group, seeds like chia seeds behave in a similar manner when we consume them. So, you will also want to get some of them!


Remember, these foods alone won’t do much, just as your products alone won’t do all the hard work. And, of course, there are some habits you can create for free. Make sure you drink over two liters of water every day. Reduce your alcohol intake and avoid smoking altogether. Maintain a good six-hour (at least) sleep routine, work out regularly and keep off the sun as much as you can. And remember, the best anti-age skincare product you can buy is sunscreen!

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