Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit to Sheeba Magazine?

Photographers, models, makeup & hair artists, retouchers, designers, stylists and all other professionals of photography, fashion and beauty industry. We are also accepting submissions from writers and bloggers.

How do I submit my work to Sheeba Magazine?

Email your works to submit@sheebamagazine.com. Please specify the month you are submitting to in subject field, please also include list of credits as a text every time you email us.  Please see currently Open Submissions.

Do you charge for submissions?

No, we do not charge you to submit your work to us. We believe that all artists deserve a free of charge exposure.

If you are dreaming to be on a cover  please see question “How can I get a cover? Can I request for a cover?”

What can I submit to Sheeba Magazine? What do you publish?

Sets of images as editorials & webitorials, interviews, articles (photography, modeling, beauty tips etc.), press releases/representations of emerging clothing lines or designers, portfolios and biographies, and many more.

Can I submit nude images?

We may allow certain nudity or implied but it depends on concept and how nudity is represented. IF we like it and it coheres with our magazines vision and standards, we may decide to publish it. We would kindly advise to avoid nudity.

What are your submissions calendar?

Please visit our Open Submissions section for more detail.

What information do I need to include in submissions email?

Specify the theme in email’s subject field, for example “Winter Fashion”, “Summer Fashion”.

Submit high resolution images.

Include credit list of your creative team with links to their social media if any. All credits MUST be sent AS A TEXT (either in email’s body or as a text file) and MUST be included in your initial submission email.

A title to your set of images MUST be provided.

If a description of your set is required please attach it as a Word file/text file or copy paste it into email body.

How can I get a cover? Can I request for a cover?

Front Covers are decided by Sheeba Magazine team and editor in chief. Usually a cover is chosen from the submissions received during open admissions period so every submitter has a potential to get a front cover. In this case no fees apply.

Dreaming to be on the front cover of the magazine? In this case you can submit HERE a possible cover image. Your image has to reflect concept of the current month.  If our team decides to use your submitted image for the front cover,  you will be charged the fee of $330 by the 25th day of the current month. You will also sign a Front Cover Publication Agreement. The submitter will receive the front cover of a print issue,  one print copy of the magazine and high resolution tear sheets.

What are your requirements for  a front cover?

Object preferably centered. Room left above and below the object at the same time giving room on left and right sides. Object/model has to maintain eye contact with a viewer. Creative, impressive, outstanding, attractive, extraordinary and corresponding with current open submissions concept at its finest. In some cases a horizontal file for front cover works much better than vertical. In regard to file quality see next question ”What are requirements for image files?”

What are requirements for image files?

Print publication: no less than 300dpi, no less than 2000px at longest side, files no smaller than 1MB. Vertical images (!). If you still want to submit horizontal images please make sure they are not centered. Images will go as 8.5 x 11 inch prints on publication. In some cases a horizontal file for front cover works much better than vertical.

Web Publication/Webitorials: small and web friendly files, not bigger than 600KB in size. Tip: to achieve the best quality while exposing on web the longest side should be 2048px. Horizontal and vertical images are welcome.

Images must not been published in any other magazine or online/print publication. We are fine if you used your images on your portfolio, website or social media.

How do I know if my image files are suitable to print?

The easiest way is to zoom in your image files at 300%. Now you see how it will look as a print. If your image contains black dots, pixels and detail are no longer crisp it means that your image does not qualify to appear on printed publication of Sheeba Magazine.

How do I know if my work was accepted and will be published?

We will notify you by email together with a request to sign an attached release form. Usually we reply within 7 days if are interested in your submission. If not, we do not send any reply.

Do I lose my rights when I sign a release form?

The copyright of your work will ALWAYS remain yours. By signing a release form you give us a written permission to use your submitted images for publication in print and share it on our social media.

Why my work was rejected?

The quality of the images isn’t to our standard. The submission doesn’t fit the concept or does not fit with the flow of the issue. Work was submitted after the deadline. There is little or no space left for placement. Includes unaccepted nudity form.

How do I get my tear sheets? What should I do with it?

You may ask for high resolution tear sheets after the issue is out. Email to submit@sheebamagazine.com. You are free to use received tear sheets anywhere you wish (website, print, social media, portfolio…) but we would ask you and your team to tag and refer to Sheeba Magazine every time you post it on your social media or website.

Do you provide free print copies of your magazine?

We do not provide free copies of print magazine.

Where can I purchase a copy of your magazine?

You can purchase print and digital copies on magcloud.com or visit Issues/ Monthly Issues section. Actual link to our print publications on magcloud is here: http://www.magcloud.com/user/sheebamagazine.

Can I advertise in Sheeba Magazine?

Yes, you can advertise on our monthly print & digital publications and also on our website. We have many alternatives and can offer affordable options to fit your budget. You may contact at advertising@sheebamagazine.com and request for rates card.

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