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A Packing List for the Camino

Aside from mental preparations, one also needs to pick the right shoes, shirts, backpacks, and other gear that will make Camino pilgrimage more comfortable
Chocolate Festivals over the Caribbean

Chocolate Festivals over the Caribbean

Caribbean islands are a region full of chocolate tradition and inspiration, chocolate festivals here will satisfy even the most skeptical sweet-tooth eaters

Women’s Fashion In The NFL

Football fashion is much easier if you don’t have a strong allegiance to a particular team, female fans want more than team-logo panties
what is biekpacking

What is Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is an exciting new way to see the world on holiday, and there are accessible ways of easing yourself into the experience for the newcomer

What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

What you wear when you fly is largely determined by the duration of your flight, but in case you’re wondering what you wear for your next flight, here are some ideas that you should consider.

Amenities You Can Not Miss at Your Vacation Rental

Big hotel chains are beginning to see the value in buying up vacation homes to offer their clients and customers an exclusive vacation experience. Different guests want different features in their vacation home to enjoy their own customized comfort.