Career Women – Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

If the truth be known, every single person on the planet has the ability to make their lifestyle healthier; no matter your daily routine, there are always positive changes that can be made. In this short article, we offer a few tips to improve the quality of your life.

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    • Organically grown fruit and vegetables – There is nothing quite like a fruit smoothie made from organic produce; not only is it delicious, it is also very healthy, with zero chemical fertiliser. If you are wondering how to get regular deliveries of fresh organic produce, there are many small organic farms in NSW and they sell their crops directly from their website.
    • Natural ingredients in make up – When you prepare for a day at the office and are using your hair dryer brush, use make-up with 100% natural ingredients. More and more Australian women insist on beauty products that are free from toxins and chemicals and search online for e-stores that only sell natural beauty products.
    • Daily workouts – Some women workout in a gym, some practice yoga and some are into jogging, whatever your preference, make sure that you have a full-on workout on a daily basis. Inactivity is not good for the immune system; your body is designed for action. If time is at a premium, why not create a home gym and you won’t have to drive to your local gym? It won’t take long before you recoup your initial investment.
    • Prepare single meals and freeze them – When you are working all the time, the temptation to live on fast food is very real; at the weekend, you should cook delicious meals, prepare them in single portions and freeze them. Then, when you come home after a hard day, simply choose a meal from the freezer, stick it in the microwave and you have a wholesome meal. Click here for healthy snacks you can eat on the go.
    • Find the time for yoga – Yoga is a wonderful practice that develops you physically, mentally and spiritually. There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate how to practice yoga and all you need is a yoga mat, some suitable clothing and the desire to explore this ancient eastern discipline.
    • Annual physical check-ups – Once a year, make a booking at your local hospital and have a comprehensive medical examination, which will bring you peace of mind. In the event an issue is discovered, early treatment should be all it takes to resolve the condition.
    • Download health apps – Spend half an hour browsing the health mobile apps on Play Store and download the best in terms of health monitoring.

The 21st-century urban lifestyle is not really conducive to healthy living and we hope the above tips help you to make small adjustments to your lifestyle; we all tend to take our health & well-being for granted and as we age, it becomes more relevant.

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