Build Your Confidence for a Better Life

If you’re someone without much confidence, figuring out how to get it can feel like cracking a code. After all, it seems to come from accomplishments, yet don’t you need to have confidence in the first place to achieve? The answer is sort of, but not exactly. Confidence comes, in part, from navigating and succeeding at tough challenges. At the same time, confidence based only on a person’s ability to do certain things would ultimately be fragile because no one is going to succeed all the time. The more you think about it, the more paradoxical it becomes, but the real key is to take a concrete approach.

building confidence for better life

Solve Your Problems

Of course, it’s not as easy as all that. But one of the things that can chip away at your confidence is the perpetual or recurring issue in your life, or there may be two or three of them. Maybe it’s a nagging worry about not making enough money, not getting into shape, or wanting to improve relationships. Whatever it is, there’s a good chance you keep pushing it away because it seems too difficult to solve. Solving it will clear the way for you to build your confidence. For many, one of those problems might be student loan debt.

An average of almost $40,000 means that plenty of people owe substantially more, usually an array of different loans that means various interest rates, terms, and bills. Not just the figure itself but the logistics can be overwhelming. You may want to consider student loan consolidation, which is an option with both private and federal student loans. It’s a different process, however, depending on the type of loans. Reviewing a guide can help you better understand the process and figure out what will work for you. It can be a real relief to take a positive step like this, and once you’re on the road to solving college debt, you can move to the next challenge.

Another Challenge

The plot twist is that solving those one or two problems won’t change everything. You won’t be a whole new you, but you will be on your way to improving everyday confidence and be someone who tackled something difficult and found a solution, even if it’s something that you’re still working on. What you can do here is select your next challenge. This time, choose something that you want to enhance your life rather than solving a problem. It can be anything: getting over a fear of talking to strangers, learning a language, or starting a new hobby.

challenge is possible

Specific Goals

You’ll build confidence by meeting those challenges. Make sure that you are specific about what you’re trying to do. What does getting over fear of talking to strangers mean? Maybe you’ll decide to start five new conversations a week with people you don’t know. Instead of “learn French,” decide you’ll take a class or use a language app to teach yourself ten new phrases per week. What happens if you attempt to meet a challenge and don’t succeed? Failure can be an opportunity to build confidence as well when you realize that it’s not the end of something but simply the beginning of your next effort.

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