Top American Golfers in History

Golf is a sport that’s close to many Americans’ hearts here in the US, with the country boasting over 17,000 courses and hosting many championship games each year. It’s one of the rare sports that encompasses a wide variety of people that can play, from children to grandparents, in which many Americans not only love to play golf but also watch golf too.

From getting involved with the betting online, to watching championship games in sports bars and on TV at home, there’s so many different ways to get involved with golf in addition to learning to play yourself. And with the internet making everything so readily available, there is never a shortage of resources and tools for learning either.

American golf

If you’re in need of a little more inspiration to get involved with the great game of golf, below we’ll take a look at some of the top American golfers in history for added inspiration that will have you wanting to hit the green in no time.

Tiger Woods

Most known for being tied for first in the PGA Tour wins, Tiger Woods is one of the most iconic golfers in American history. He ranks second in the Men’s Major Championships and holds numerous golfing records which has helped him to be considered as one of the most famous athletes in modern history.


Born in California, Woods was originally introduced to golf by his father at a very young age. Wanting to pursue a career in baseball that was derailed by a rotator cuff injury, Woods turned to golf, Woods honed in on his golf skills at the Navy golf courses in Los Alamitos and Heartwell golf course in Long Beach where he played a par 3.

Since then, Woods has been a dominant force in the golf field where he’s regularly on the list of the World’s top 1000 golfers, won 15 major golf championships, 82 PGA Tour events, and is the 5th player in history to achieve a Career Grand Slam three times over.

Scottie Scheffler

Having regularly played on the PGA Tour, Scottie Scheffler may not have the years that Tigers Woods does at the young age of 27, however he is one talented golfer. Currently ranked at number one in the World Golf Ranking, Scheffler has won one major championship, the 2022 Masters Tournament. He also heads into this years event as the favorite in the most recent Masters odds due to his current form.

Throughout his career so far, Scheffler has played at 117 events, in which he holds the winning title for 7 PGA Tours. While he is yet to have an international win, he has been in third place 10 times, in the top 5 finishes 35 times, and top 10 finishes 48 times.

Arnold Palmer

Known as “The King” in the golf world, Arnold Palmer has captured the hearts of golf fans across the world with his unique playing style and charismatic personality. He currently has seven major championships under his belt, including four Masters titles.

Palmer has played a pivotal role in showcasing golf as a popular sport and has helped to make it a more accessible game to many Americans across the country. His fearless approach to the game and his ability to connect with fans has left an enduring legacy that continues to have an everlasting influence on the golf world.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is renowned for his precision ball-striking, in addition to the painstaking preparation he puts into his games. Hogan’s impact on golf as a sport itself is a major achievement, in which he has nine major championships to his name. These include four U.S. Open titles.

His legacy is defined by his pursuit to be a perfectionist, with great planning and detail put into his every move. He’s also known for his iconic swing, with his steely resolve earning him the nickname “The Hawk”. It is thought that Hogan has inspired generations of golfers to come.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is known as one of the greatest golfers of all time, in which over his career he has earned the nickname  “Golden Bear”.  His top achievements include 18 major championship victories during his famous career, where he’s been known to go head to head with the legendary Arnold Palmer and the Augusta National.

Nicklaus is best known for his powerful and unparallelled technique, in which he shows great strategy when playing a game. His mental fortitude has enabled him to create a solid legacy where he continues to inspire generations of future golf players to come.

Overall, the US has created some of the best golfers in history over time and continues to be a major player on the world golf front. While many of its top and emerging players are yet to hit international tournaments, there are truly some hidden gems that are soon to take on the international golfing world by storm.

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