Top Sites You’ll See on a Belgium Educational Adventure

Belgium is a small country that often gets overlooked by travellers in favour of its better-known neighbours, but this multicultural nation has plenty to offer visitors. From medieval cities full of Gothic architecture to innovative modern art museums, Belgium provides ample fodder for an educational adventure. Read on for some of the top sites students will encounter on a school trip to Belgium.

Belgium educational adventure

Explore Medieval Bruges

Of all Belgium’s stunningly preserved medieval cities, Bruges may be the most fairytale-esque. Travellers feel as if they have stepped back in time wandering the cobblestone streets, gazing up at the Gothic facades of buildings, and strolling along peaceful canals. Sites like the 13th century Markt square, the dramatic Church of Our Lady with its towering brick spire, and the placid Lake of Love provide plenty of historical eye candy. Students can learn about the city’s prominent role as a centre for global trade and finance in medieval times. The Groeninge or City Museum also offers an interactive overview of Bruges’ history through the ages.

Marvel at Art in Ghent

The vibrant university city of Ghent is a popular choice for school trips to Belgium. It rivals Bruges in medieval charm while also boasting a thriving modern culture scene. Visitors are awed by monumental churches like Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, home to the renowned altarpiece ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ by Jan van Eyck. The iconic Graslei harbour, the Castle of the Counts, and the expansive Gravensteen fortress also provide glimpses into Ghent’s prominent past. Meanwhile, the contemporary Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) exhibits work by Belgian greats like Rene Magritte while the cutting-edge S.M.A.K specialises in avant-garde installations. Budding artists or art historians will find plenty of inspiration here.

Reflect at Battlefields and Cemeteries

While Belgium today is known for peace, chocolate and beer, reminders of war exist across the landscape as well. From Waterloo where Napoleon faced his final defeat to Flanders Fields where millions perished in the trench warfare of World War I, battlefields bear quiet witness. Students can pay homage at meticulously tended military cemeteries while learning about the horrors of war firsthand. The In Flanders Fields Museum offers an immersive overview of the experience of WWI in Belgium, blending enjoyment of the country’s friendly atmosphere today with reflection on its turbulent past.

Immerse in Musical Heritage

Music also factors prominently into Belgium’s cultural legacy, from the violin to the saxophone. The sax was invented here by Adolphe Sax in the early 1840s. Student musicians can see one of his original instruments in the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), which contains over 8,000 items spanning the history of music. The museum even has concert halls providing chances to hear instruments performed lives. Meanwhile, locales connected to famous composers like Cesar Franck and Guillaume Lekeu offer additional insight into Belgium’s musical heritage for budding historians to uncover.

An educational adventure through Belgium promises to engage and inspire students with its rich blend of history, culture and unforgettable sights. They’ll return home with expanded knowledge as well as fond memories of medieval splendours, captivating museums, mouthwatering cuisine and more.

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