Get To Know Cole & Kelsea Moscatel The Co-Founders of The Empire That Sells Dream, Snob World

A power couple, Cole and Kelsea Moscatel, creators of the luxury lifestyle platform, Snob World. The married entrepreneurs and parents are passionate international explorers who offer years of experience and sharp critical evaluation to savvy travelers alike.

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel creators of the luxury lifestyle platform Snob World
Cole and Kelsea Moscatel, SnobWorld

Tell us about your story and how you got to where you both are today.

Our success stories are both long journeys. We have both had entrepreneurial careers since the very beginning. Cole – “I started a dog washing business at the age of 12. It was a massive success and believe it or not, that very business led me down the path to where I am today. I learned from myself and never gave up. Here I am today at the age of 22 with over 20 businesses I manage still going down that same entrepreneurial path, only now, I have a family to share it with”. Kelsea – I also started my own business, a clothing boutique that I managed for years. I have experience in all areas of business that have shaped me into the businesswoman I am today. My multifaceted career and life experiences have led me to today where I have co-founded a company with my husband, am in the works of designing a makeup and skincare line and helping my husband run all of his companies! Together, we have built an empire that is growing day by day.

What sparked the idea of Snob World? Tell us about it!

This business was in the making without us even realizing it. We have always had a keen eye for luxury products and experiences and after traveling and having all these extravagant experiences ourselves, we knew we had to turn this into a company that could provide that for others. We have always had insider connections to get us exclusive products and services, and over the years those connections only became bigger and bigger. Fast forward to today, we have created an empire that sells the dream!

What direction do you see your travel platform on Snob World going?

After sharing our own experiences for years, we thought it was time to now actually be able to provide those experiences to others. Our travel platform is moving in the direction where we actually act as a travel agency to fully provide once in a lifetime travel experiences. Because of our extensive travel knowledge and connections we have made along the way, we are able to offer something a normal travel agency cannot – firsthand experience. Because of our expertise, we create travel experiences that are catered to every single request each client wants. We can create original trips just for you, or some of our pre-planned luxury experiences. Again, we are like no other! Most importantly, we are able to provide exclusive opportunities –– you name it, we do it.

What makes Snob World stand out?

Snob World is so versatile. We really cannot think of any other platform like ours. It is the empire that sells the dream. Not only is it a place where we share our stories and our luxury tips + tricks, but it is a place where we offer opportunities to our one-percenter clients that no other company can through our Snob Concierge. We have insider connections that allow us to provide the best of the best, most exclusive experiences worldwide. Whether it be for traveling, attending one of Hollywood’s exclusive A-Lister events, renting out an entire theme park, we can do it all! There is no request too big for us. Aside from those incredible once in a lifetime opportunities we provide, we also have a reality show that streams right there on Snob World. Like we said, it is so versatile. It is entertaining, it is informative and it provides insane opportunities that no one else can provide.


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Tell us about the clients you have for Snob Concierge and what kind of exclusive services you provide them.

Our clients see us as the go-to for any and every request they could ever dream of. From the one-percenters to the celebrities, our clients are A-Listers that desire the A-Lister experiences. Our clients are all very well-rounded but all searching for the same thing –– exclusivity. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide them with experiences that even money can’t provide for them. We are also selective with who our clients are and who we partner them with. Every client and brand partnership has to make sense for our brand.

I understand you also have a health care business, Snob Health. Please tell us about that.

As we mentioned earlier, our clients of high-end one-percenters. We have multiple doctors and nurses that have made a name for themselves in the industry. Because of those connections, we have been able to put together our own in-home health care company. Snob Health provides everything from botox, fillers, ultrasonic cavitation, concierge blood draws, noninvasive weight loss services and much more! Anything that covers, beauty, appearance and overall health, we provide it.

Tell us a little bit about your new reality show – The Moscatel’s: A Family Full of Luxury, Love and Drama!

Our reality show was a last minute, whirlwind of an experience that we could not be more thankful for. Our show is full of insane luxury, beautiful romance, a lot of drama and informs viewers of the empire we are building as a family. You will laugh, you will have your heartstrings pulled and you will be inspired. We open up more than we thought we ever would about things people don’t know about us. We hope through the show, even through the humor and drama, that you will be motivated and inspired by our work ethics and our family values. You can watch our show every Thursday at 11:00 AM PST right on or on YouTube.

What is up next for The Moscatel’s and for Snob World?

Over the last year and a half every day something new comes our way and new ideas pop into our minds all the time. We like to keep the things we are working on very private in order to execute them without the public eye knowing what’s going on. But we can share that we have a podcast in the works, we are shooting for Maxim Magazine in a few weeks and continuously filming new episodes for our reality show! We are also excited to share that in October we will be walking in Arab Fashion Week. Stay tuned for that, it is going to be incredible. There’s a lot happening over the next few months that we will be able to share very soon.

Thank you, Cole and Kelsea.

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