6 Exciting Startup Ideas for Women at Home

Home-based businesses have always been an excellent way for stay-at-home parents and all people who, for a number of reasons, are not able to commute on a daily basis, start their own gig and branch out as entrepreneurs. That, unfortunately, brings us to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

With all the damage done over the last couple of months, the pandemic showed us two things. First, basing your business at home is not only novel but also socially responsible, and second, the list of jobs we can start this way is surprisingly long.

So, let us take a look at a couple of interesting business ideas for women at home that can help them secure a safe financial future in this trying time.

Startup Ideas for Women

Food Delivery Services

If you have an itch for cooking this might be the perfect job for you. You only need to utilize your skills on a slightly larger scale. Also, the upfront investments you will need to make will be comparatively low – you can use most of the things you already have in the kitchen. The turnaround you can expect, on the other hand, will be very high. Whether due to everyday commitments or inability to commute, people have become very reliant on food delivery services. This is an opportunity you can easily exploit.

Startup Ideas for Women at Home

Mediator Services

Essentially, mediators are neutral persons that are trying to reconcile differences between two parties in a legal process, and all this is usually performed in order to avoid costly litigation and drawn-out trials. Although in this case legal background is welcome, in some areas (most of the U.S. states) formal legal education is not required. However, good networking and communication skills are an absolute must. So, if you consider yourself a good negotiator and outgoing person, give this one a try – you can expect $80-$100 per hour for your services.

Startup Ideas for Women

Online Tutoring

One of the important consequences of COVID-19 was that educational systems were brought to a halt – not only in the United States or Europe but all around the world. If you have a formal education in some field that is considered a part of contemporary curriculums, you can easily start an online tutoring business and share your knowledge with students across the globe. Of course, a good internet connection is a must. However, quality internet fiber setup will allow you to achieve speeds up to 1000 Mbps and experience seamless streaming and screen sharing.

Startup Ideas for Women at Home


Although this industry looks somewhat saturated at this point, blogging is still one of the most stable businesses for women at home. So much so that more experienced female bloggers can expect monthly earnings ranging from $1K to as much as $50K. On the downside, building up your reputation to the point where you will be able to reap that much money from ads and affiliate programs will take some time so you can classify this as a slow burner. But, if you are passionate about some topic, consider yourself a creative person and know something about SEO – give it a try.

Startup Ideas for Women at Home

eBay Entrepreneurship

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the rise and fall of many ambitious online trading platforms. In all that time, eBay remained the most streamlined, lucrative, and inexpensive tool for reaching out to a countless number of customers all around the globe. Taking into consideration that stores are closing right and left, you can easily find a lot of valuable discounted items and sell them in regions where they may not be currently available. Female clothing items may be the easiest cherry to pick, but you can try your luck with any kind of items you have some experience with.

Startup Ideas for Women at Home

Virtual Assistance Service

Virtual assistance is not some new or unexploited niche. But over the last couple of months, the demand for this type of service has spiked, and now that we have experienced the convenience of this business model, we won’t so easily go back to the old ways of doing things. What you can do to set your startup apart from other small businesses currently working in this area is punctuality, an exceptional level of professionalism (e.g. using licensed VA tools), and multi-person staff that will be able to perform tasks at any given time with minimal delays.

We hope these six ideas gave you some directions about pushing your career in a new direction or, even better, sprouted some ideas of your own. We are living in challenging times when financial security is all but gone. With the things as they are, the best thing you can do is to take the matters in your hands, use the opportunities the world has set for you and start doing your own thing. Consider the fact you will be able to do all this from the safety and comfort of your home an added benefit.

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