The Life of a Social Media Star, Allison Soro

Allison SoroIf you got the style, the looks and the personality the internet can turn you into a superstar in a snap of a finger. Allison Soro is an under 30 Italian and Irish fashion blogger that became a web celebrity real quick.

The blogger started her career in London where she built an outstanding CV in the digital marketing world working for the world most famous companies and of course she now owns her own internet empire.

She is specialized in fashion and beauty, showcasing a very classy and unique sense of style promoting worldwide known brands in the fashion industry.

However, uploading incredible pictures on Instagram and writing blog posts are not the only things we admire her for, indeed she is also an entrepreneur she has her own line of jewelry called Signature Chockers, she is part of an app were she gives users fashion advice, she has her own Barbie and she will be soon part of a fashion TV show in the UK.

Regarding her relationship status we know very little, we know she has been spending some romantic time with some football stars, but she is very discrete and likes to respect the privacy of the important people in her life. Although we can imagine all the social media attention can be tough for the partner.

You can follow Allison Soro on Instagram and visit her blog at

Allison Soro blog

Instagram @allisoro

Facebook @allison.soro

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