EcoWalk. Reclaiming Fashion with Designer Trista Smith: I Never Ever Make Exactly the Same Dress Twice

“I use fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away at some point or may end up
 in a landfill and I give it new life through my dresses. “

What is your name and age? I am Trista Smith and I am over 25 but haven’t bought a walker yet or geriatric footwear. So somewhere in between.

What is your occupation? I was a nurse for ten years and now I am a full time sustainable clothing designer specializing in bridal.

Where are you based? Sooke BC on beautiful Vancouver Island in Canada

How and why did you become a fashion designer? I enjoy teaching myself new skills. One day I decided to teach myself how to be a clothing designer. With every piece I designed the next piece was better and I discovered how fulfilling this creative process was. Designing dresses began to close the hole that was left in my life when I left my nursing career. At this point I work full time in my home studio designing wedding dresses and life has never been better.

Can you explain what is sustainable fashion design? There are many ways to fulfill the role as a sustainable designer. For me, it’s about closing the loop. I use fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away at some point or may end up
 in a landfill and I give it new life through my dresses. I offer my brides the option to reinvent their wedding gown afterwards in order to truly close the loop.

What makes your fashion design stand out from all the other, apart from the fact that you use sustainable materials? My dresses are one of a kind. I never ever make exactly the same dress twice. They will always vary and are always specifically created for the heart of an individual bride. When I’m creating a dress I infuse joy intention and purpose into that dress. All of the happiness that a bride should feel while planning her special day is poured into the creation of her gown. The materials I love to use most are vintage lace table cloths. They stand the test of time and are so beautiful and unique. They truly make the best dresses.

I love each and every one of my brides and I strive to give them as much one on one attention as they need. I want their bride experience to be amazing and I do what it takes to make my buyers feel special and cares for always.

What makes a great fashion designer? 
A great designer truly enjoys creating. He or she knows how to release their creative dreamer out into the world and is able to truly get into Their Zone while creating their art. It is the ultimate freedom to create and a great clothing designer knows that opening his or her heart and soul and allowing the creative dreamer to fly free is the key to success, joy and abundance.

One golden advice to those who aspire to become a fashion designer? Follow your heart and only do what you love and brings you joy. You can’t help but succeed when you follow your soul. Don’t sell out what you truly believe in and what brings you the most fulfillment. If you are joyful while creating cool socks- then you keep making those socks and you find a way to share your awesome socks with the world. When you do what makes your soul sing the possibilities for the whole world to hear that music are endless.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs? I’d love to make dresses for Jessica Chastain. She’s my lady crush. I love her beautiful red hair and her roles are always well thought out and significant. I’d make her such beautiful epic dresses.

What is your ultimate goal as a fashion designer? My aspirations are only to feel happy in my creative process. I do only what brings me pleasure or joy. That’s it. I live in the moment and right now I think constantly of dresses, shop a lot for vintage table cloths and to feel incredibly content creating these boho beautiful dresses. My ultimate goal is to never lose the feeling I get while I’m creating.

What is your web-site and any social media? 
My Instagram is, Facebook page and you can also find me on Etsy

Thank you, Trista.

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