7 Cool To Resist Must-Have Travel Essentials

Traveling is a great stress buster, and of course, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Being exposed to varied cultures, landscapes, people, history, and lifestyle can enhance your knowledge base better than Google. For many, vacation is a gadget-free period. Is it necessary to forego all your gadgets for an enchanting, well informed holiday experience? Never. Instead, pep it up with these fantastic travel essentials that find a way into your backpack with ease.

Travel Essentials

1 Pocket Size Washing Machine

Your airline would restrict the weight you carry. When you have to choose between leaving certain things off your baggage allowance, you tend to offload clothes. During your trip, this could be a tricky move, as you may end up re-using your dirty jeans, t-shirts, socks, etc. Get a portable wash bag, which enables you to travel light. You can do your laundry on the go, save money, and flaunt the new dress in its latest form. Using 3 to 4 litres of water, and a bit of washing liquid, you can get the task done. The flexible, lightweight machine is perfect for backpackers and campers who often follow the road less traveled.

2 Automated Travel Vacuum

Do you love to carry home souvenirs from all the places you have visited? Is shopping for clothes a must during your vacation? Then the ‘Automated Travel Vacuum’ is something you cannot afford to miss. Save nearly 50% of the space in your bags by using this gadget. It reduces all the air from the suitcase, condenses your clothes, helping you maximize space. Now, the lack of space in the bag is no more a constraint. As they say,’ You can shop till you drop’ when you have the travel automated vacuum by your side.

3 Portable Cocktail Kit or Wine Bags

Heading to a beach? Or a small vacation to celebrate something important? Never worry, you wouldn’t miss your favourite drinks simply because you chose to travel. Get a portable cocktail kit. It is recipe ready and comes with your bar essentials. Do you need more? Then it is the right time to pick a few wine bags. This fancy tote also lets you pack some ice cubes. For the best vacation drink, carry Macallan 18 along with your cocktail kit.

Travel Essentials

4 Universal Travel Adapter

Wondering what the adapter has got to do in the list of cool gadgets? You will find this as a lifesaver if you are a frequent traveler. Every country has different types of sockets to charge electronics. Your electronic appliance may be at risk of damage due to voltage fluctuation if the right adapter is not plugged in. This portable gadget protects your device against any shock or mishap. It allows you to connect several devices or appliances at a time. It comes with a child lock, which is handy if you have kids around. The adapter can be used in 150 countries across the globe.

5 Cordless Portable Hair Stylist

A trip is never complete without a few Instagram worthy pictures. That doesn’t mean your self-indulgence in front of the camera should be ruined by messy hair. There is hardly any occasion where your hair never needs little care and touch up. Grab a cordless portable hair stylist and keep it ready in your handbag. The model usually is battery operated and has functions like temperature control. So, no more hunting for power supplies. Now you are ‘selfie’ prepared at any occasion.

6 Solar Powered Inflatable Light

All set for camping in the woods? Geared up for an adventurous late night trek? These activities certainly require gadgets that impart light to guide you through your experience. Use a solar-powered inflatable light. These lights can power up to 10 to 16 hours of LED lighting based on the brand and cost. The natural sun rays can charge them in the mornings, and you can safely use these waterproof inflatable lights even when it showers while you camp or trek.

7 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Your soul would never say ‘no’ to music, though it is being nourished by the expedition already. One of the gadgets that has become the most needed fashion accessory is the mobile phone attached with other related accessories to flaunt off. In fact, it adds life to your journey. A Bluetooth speaker singing your favourite tune is an enthralling experience. Take it to the beach while you are getting tanned, or let it play the party beats when you are dancing around the campfire.

Travel Essentials

Your travel case should be light like your heart. Only then you can get immersed in your new surrounding. The gadgets listed here are the perfect fit to small travel bags, or compact suitcases, highly helpful in making the most out of your journey.

Author Bio: Jessica Smith has been writing articles for e-business and e-lance sites for more than 4 years. Her educational background is Masters in English and journalism which gives her a broad platform to write on a variety of topics with ease and efficiency. She is an independent writer especially enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle.

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