Most Amazing Eco-Friendly Glamping Destinations

If you are a fan of nature but still don’t feel comfortable to sleep on the ground in a tent, then you probably already heard about glamping. This relatively new travel trend is becoming popular by the day offering from the simple coziness to utmost luxury. It’s a new fashion of tourism and people gladly go to these places to spend their honeymoon, vacation or simply unwind for the weekend.

Glamping Destinations

If you want to try something new and exciting, check out the most amazing eco-friendly glamping destinations in the world. Not only will you see great natural wonders, but also regenerate body and mind from everyday stress.

Snowy Glamping in Antarctica

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Yes. You can glamp in one of the most freezing places on the planet – Antarctica. This may be a bit expensive but it’s a once in a lifetime experience that only a small number of people have done. White Desert’s Whichaway Camp is available from November to February each year with their eco-friendly pods. The Campuses solar energy for heat and power and every pod is equipped with an en-suite shower.

Accommodations are available for only 12 guests which makes it easier to organize various activities like travel to the North Pole. Antarctica is also home to Emperor penguins and you will have the opportunity to see the colony when chicks arrive and take their first steps. Riding fat bikes and hiking are also popular tours here with chef and a gourmet spread waiting for you to replenish your energy.

Take a Break in the English Countryside

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England’s countryside has been an enormous inspiration to its poets and novelists helping them create some of the greatest literature in the world. Today, these flowery meadows and valleys encourage people to spend more time in nature and escape the cities. West Stow Pods in Suffolk draw obvious inspiration from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels with their Pod Hollow – a pod built into the grassy hill.

Besides this popular pod, there are four MegaPods and two Woodland Lodges that give guests the full experience of the scenic countryside. Nearby King’s Forest is great for horse riding, biking and hiking, you can also visit the archeological site and grab something to eat at its café.

Spend a Night in the Icelandic Bubble

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Iceland is one of the most amazing eco-friendly destinations in the world. With a low population and strong regulations to preserve the environment, this is a true gem that shouldn’t be missed. From wild horses running free to hot springs, volcanoes, and geysers, one can easily get lost in tranquility Iceland offers.

And if you want to see the Northern Lights, then there is nothing better than to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon from inside. Bubble Lodge is a retreat consisting of several rooms in the shape of bubbles so you can fall asleep overlooking the landscape. They even come with eye masks so you can sleep in and truly feel the blessings of glamping. The Lodge’s location is kept the secret so guests can escape from everything and relax.

Glamp by the Azure Seas of Bay of Fires

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There are numerous Tasmania attractions that are putting this country at the very top of everyone’s travel bucket list. One of the new and exciting activities is glamping in its breathtaking nature. Any place you choose will show you the best of this Australian island, but the Bay of Fires is definitely on the top of the list. Covered with orange rocks from which it earns its name, Bay of Fires is full of secluded beaches, waterfall, hiking trails, and dense forest. Whale watching, fishing, and diving are the most common activities here although many like to embark on a refreshing nature walks.

Bay of Fires Bush Retreat is only 1.5 miles from the town of Binalong Bay, but it’s a perfect opportunity to try Tasmanian glamping. The retreat has six large tents and available chef to prepare anything you want from fresh ingredients. Make sure to try some of the prime Tasmanian wines and cheeses which are perfect to rest after a long day of exploring the Bay.

Eco-friendly Luxury in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a perfect country for glamping during any season. In the winter you can dogsled and ski, while summer is wonderful for hiking among the lively meadows. Whitepod Hotel has managed to combine eco-friendly principles with extravagant luxury, becoming one of the most amazing eco-friendly glamping destinations. The geodesic design gives pods energy efficiency while heating comes from a small stove. Every pod offers luxurious accommodations with Wi-Fi, satellite TV, coffee machine and bathroom with shower.

Some pods have large terraces so you can soak in the view of the mountainous horizon and enjoy the silence. The hotel offers various massage packages and Ayurvedic treatments, while the cuisine is based on local products, including hams and deli meats. You can also order a picnic to go and have a wonderful meal on top of a hill or by one of the lakes in the area.

Sleep with the Tigers in the Indian Ranthambore National Park

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The Ranthambore National Park is among the biggest ones in India attracting wildlife photographers from all over the world. This is the home to macaques, jungle cats, small Indian mongoose and sloth bears, but it’s the most famous for diurnal tigers. There is also a rich birdlife as well as incredible and unique vegetation for the area.

Aman-i-Khas are luxurious tents in the middle of the Park offering five-star accommodation to its guests. Each tent has a living room, separate bedroom and a bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub. Since the campsite occupies the same territory as the local wildlife, staying here is like sleeping with tigers. And there is no better way to practice mindfulness than engulfed in sights and sounds of nature right at your fingertips.


If you avoided camping for its harshness, then you will fall in love with glamping immediately. These most amazing eco-friendly glamping destinations combine the full experience of nature through the comfortable offer. Something everyone should try at least once.

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