The Best-Kept-Secret Behind Those Dramatic Eyes is Finally Out – A Step By Step Makeup Tutorial!

Wanna be dishy and pretty? This dramatic eyes make up tutorial is for you then. Tuck to!

No matter, a lady or a tomgirl, every face is pretty and special in its own unique way. While some may be an extra classy and sophisticated like the Royal Majesties, the others might be scorchingly steamy and sexy like JLo, Lady Gaga or Cindy Crawford. And the list is endless.

After all, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

If it’s your time to accentuate your prettiest features and live like a glam diva every day, a sensational dramatic eyes make-up could whip your look, flash your inner aura and vibe your personality like no other!

And this article will PROVE IT!

While some are cozy with a long-day make-up, some like to flaunt a nude or almost no-makeup look. No matter which one you are, this tutorial has got you covered.

Exciting, huh!

Guess what, here you will learn three concepts that rely on the most talked-about eye makeup staples. And if you are ready-to-go-Pro, just practice a lot and follow the steps neatly. It’s that simple!

So, here are those all-time eye makeup concerns…

  • Eye makeup tricks
  • Eye makeup guidelines
  • Eye make up tips

SO! Let’s start with the Eye Makeup Types:

You probably don’t need me to tell you, eye makeups should be different for every occasion. While a light makeup is great for a natural day look, you need a heavy one for an evening date, pub night or a party.

Take a look at these 7 types of basic eye makeups:

    • Gradual
    • Flat
    • European
    • Smoky
    • Segmental
    • Vibrant
    • Your local style

However, each one of the above-mentioned makeups could be further transformed into a wide range of effects.

For instance, while smoky eye makeup could be categorized into forwarding, backward and spread eye makeup styles, Segmental could be further segmentized into two, three and several stops/phases.

makeup tutorial dramatic eyes

3 Eye Makeup Elements that Rule

  • Your overall makeup style should speak of your purpose. Avoid an overdo if you want to go natural and graceful in your eye makeup
  • Know your eye size and face structure well and work on that only
  •  Your eye makeup should compliment yourself traits and nature as a whole.

No idea how to do it? Freat not. Let’s look inside some eye-catching eye makeups…

#1 Elizabeth Hurley Eye Makeup

If a 3D facial structure with an intense pair of eyes is all you dream, you are just a makeup away. A perfect trick can create the ditto effect with a simple modification of your facial outline… WOW

SO! Take a look at the steps now…

i) Finished the foundation part? Apply a dash of golden shadow right through the middle of your upper eyelid and coat the rest with a dark coffee shade.

makeup tutorial dramatic eyes

ii) Now comes the climax. Pick a brown eyeliner to paint one line across the edge of the eye shadow on the upper eyelid and smudge the shadow with a brush to create a dramatic effect.

makeup tutorial dramatic eyes

iii) Now apply some powder shadow around your nose area and use lipstick of your choice to complete the whole look.

dramatic eyes

iv) You can add more expression to your eyes with a perfect contact lens like TTd eye queen contact lenses, Honey girl or others.

#2 Expressive Twilight Eye Makeup

Want to replicate the mesmerizing look of Naomi Campbell or Bella Hadid? Now you can give your dream a reality with no extra efforts.

SO! Here is all that you need to do…

i) Dip your eyeshadow brush in a pastel palette and smear it sleek right from the depression below the eyebrows to the nose bridge root.

ii) Use the brush through the double folding line on the upper eyelid skipping the end folded area beside eyelid. Make sure, you draw inside the end of the eye to enhance the outline.

dramatic eyes

iii) Now take a broader range, from the palpebra inferior to the entire lower eyelid and brush light color shadow here.

dramatic eyes

iv) Now take a darker shade, preferably coffee, to move your eye shadow brush in a half-moon style at the end of the small area of the upper eyelid.

v) keep the dark coffee shade blooming in your eyes overlap, from the first half of palpebra inferior to the eye end, leaving the eye head.

makeup tutorial

vi) Now illuminate the eye head with a silver shadow lining.

makeup tutorial

vii) Finally, pick a black eye shadow to tightline your eyelash areas. You can use extra lashes also.

makeup tutorial

viii) Put a matching eyeliner and draw the line till at about 7mm at the eye end.

ix) You could also use a purple eyeshadow liner to draw along the palpebra inferior and make the look further appealing.

makeup tutorial

x) Don’t forget to finish the whole look with a coat of mascara on your eyelashes. It will give the fan of your lashes an added volume.

makeup tutorial dramatic eyes

The Candid Tips for those Perfect Eyes

Now that you already know that  dramatic eyes makeup is the pivotal component of a complete face makeover, you need to be careful about each and every step.

Want to know the steps? Look down…

  • Eye shadow coating
  • Eyeliner drawing
  • Eyelash painting
  • Eyebrow clipping

A GOOD Eye Makeup comes for no easy deal! However, your best practices will give you a grip over perfection in no time… Fingers Crossed

WELL! Here are some more tips before you start your dramatic eyes makeup:

a) Order of makeup

Always follow the right sequence when painting your eyes.

Smear shadow → put eye eyeliner → add mascara

b) Makeup removal

    • Dab a wet ball of cotton on your face and wipe all the stain of makeup from everywhere, including those two eyes.
    • Make sure to apply the cleanser for a minute and clean your eye makeup in a top to bottom order. This way, you will clean faster.
    • Finally, always remove your mascara softly. Try using cotton dipped in a cleanser and apply it from the root to the top of your eyelashes.

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