4 Essential Tips to Prepare for a Long Family Road Trip

As we grow older, the years pass by very quickly. This is why it is very important to spend as much time with our family as possible, because just in the blink of an eye, our kids will be all grown up, taking care of us. One amazing way in which you can practice family togetherness and staying close and connected is organizing small road trip all around the world or your country or continent with your family.

Nowadays it is very easy to travel to different distant places; you can find cheap plane tickets, book any type of accommodation that you want or find touristic organizations that will make all the necessary work instead of you (even though there are plenty of advantages of organizing your own trip). But what is even more original is a family road trip. This is something that can always be quite fun. If this is something you wanted, take a look at travel tips on how to properly prepare for a long family road trip.We are emphasizing the long part because this is what your family needs – a long and relaxing holiday.

Essential Tips to Prepare for a Long Family Road

Map out Your Road Trip

One of the most important things that you should do is map out your trip. A long family trip is not something that should be taken very lightly, as this is many days that you will spend on the road and probably many places to see, so it would be good to always be fully prepared in advance. This means that you should where you want to spend the night and find accommodation there in due time. When you’re finished with that, try to see what other landmarks and places you would like to see on the way to the next stop, like to enjoy the best breakfast in Savannah. When you have all that sorted out, see what places you will be making stops to rest at. After a long day, if you want some relaxation, you can try out St Martin Spa Services.

Prepare Your Car

Essential Tips to Prepare for a Long Family Road


Regardless of whether you are taking your own car or renting a car to do a road trip through a specific country, you need to make sure that everything is in perfect order with it. Apart from the brakes which are the most important aspect that you should check, make sure that you also have new and high-quality tyres as not only will this make the trip safer, but it will make your driving more comfortable and faster. The best option would be to take your car to a mechanic and leave it there for a couple of days just for them to make sure that everything is in perfect order and that you can drive safely.

If you’re taking your own car, consider getting a custom-fit waterproof car cover, weatherproof floor mats, and other protective auto accessories. This way, the car exterior and interior can stay protected from the elements when it is parked or on the road.

Have a Plan B

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that we planned everything to the letter, something completely unexpected can happen. In case you want a long trip with your family, you will also have to think about any change of plans or delays. If you have very young kids, it would be good to drive during the night, as they will probably be sleeping during the whole trip and this will allow you to be faster. Another thing that you have to worry about are the working hours of the museums, parks and any other attractions that you want to see with your family. Check the working hours of each in advance and if, for any reason, something is closed. This way, it will be easier to change your plans accordingly.

Finally, think about any potential delays. Check to see if there are delays on certain borders or other places where people might be waiting in a queue. You will not be going by plane so you will not have to worry about your flight being canceled, but there are things that you will have to worry about even if you are traveling by car.

Make Sure You Have Everything

It always happens that we forget something at home. This is why it would be the best to make a list of all the things you want to take with you on the trip, but make sure that you start creating that list at least two weeks prior your trip. This is how you will make sure you don’t forget anything. Put the list on your fridge and every time you think of something you want to take with you, write it down. Pack all the travel documents first as these are among the most often forgotten items – your passports and booking confirmations, along with your chargers as you do not want to buy new ones.

As far as toys, toiletries, clothes, and other things are concerned, make sure you prioritize, because it will be possible to buy things at your destination in case you forget something. Do not forget to bring extra pillows and blankets.  You might need them in the car in case you are traveling during the night as nights on the road can get quite chilly.

As you can see, it is not difficult to prepare for a family trip, but if you really want a long family trip (of a week or more), think about all the things that could go wrong and prevent them. Check your car, pack everything, have all the necessary information and most importantly, have fun!

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