3 Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Workout

Getting healthier and going green are now two areas that more people are thinking about than ever. Unfortunately, even the most sustainably-minded of people can develop healthy exercise habits that can have a negative effect on the world around them. The good news is that a healthier lifestyle can be the first step to reducing your carbon footprint, as long as you take the time to use the right types of exercise in the right places. As more and more people start looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact, that means the time is just right to begin your new methods of getting the blood pumping and the brain working. If you’re going into 2020 with a healthier, more eco-friendly outlook, here’s how you should be exercising.

eco friendly workout
Credit: School of Natural Health

Get Rid of the Treadmill

One of the first things that you need to do is get outside more. Unplug the treadmill and brave the great outdoors. Not only will you be reducing your energy use (and electricity bills), but you’ll also be getting all of the benefits of fresh air too. Remember that there is an impact difference to get used to when you move from the treadmill to the harder surfaces of pathways and roads, so make sure you have the footwear that supports you. Tackle those hills and turns, try new terrain, and you’ll be exercising more of your muscle groups than ever, and all while appreciating the world around you. It’s always better to be running up those hills rather than running up your energy bills. Carry your water bottle and other essentials that you might need in your small handlebar bag and you are good to go.



Play Games

It’s not just your body that needs to get a workout; you need to stretch your brain as well. Playing games is amazing for concentration, for improving your memory, and for helping with your potential to focus. Of course, you can play games anywhere and at any time, especially now that most people have a phone close to hand at all times. You don’t have to stick to tired old board games either. Look at playing a little online blackjack and you’ll be getting the thrill of the win without the environmental impact of visiting Las Vegas. If you spend all of your time exercising your body but no time on giving your mind a workout then your fitness regime is not yet complete. Start working that brain!

eco friendly workout

Consider Your Products

You can’t expect to do your exercise regime in jeans, and you’re going to need to drink water. These two aspects of getting healthy open the door to the potential to reduce the effectiveness of your otherwise eco-friendly workout. Stop buying throwaway plastic bottles of water and switch to a refillable bottle. Most gyms have water available, and you can refill to your heart’s content. You should also start considering what you wear during your workouts. Avoid those brand names that you just know aren’t manufacturing their products ethically, and start looking at more forward-thinking fashion names.

Getting healthy while keeping your carbon footprint down is easier than ever. Don’t make the mistake of sticking to old, outdated methods of giving your body and mind the workout that they need. Look at every stage of your workout and find the ways that reduce your impact on the world around you.

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