How to Eat Healthy While Stuck at Home

The quarantine has definitely changed the way we live our daily lives, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to pig out and completely disregard our health. Just because you’re bored doesn’t mean you’re hungry and that you will eat healthy now. Keeping up with your regular nutritional plan is essential for your mental and physical health, especially in the months to come. You can be stronger than binge eating and your cravings- here’s how.

How to Eat Healthy

1 Eat Five Meals a Day

Eating  five small meals a day instead of eating three big ones will definitely help you stay on track of your diet because your stomach won’t have time to be completely empty. By keeping it full at all hours of the day and eating every two hours, you’re successfully eliminating cravings. It’ll be much easier to choose healthy meals and snacks when you’re not starving.

Skipping meals as a means of dieting or eating healthy will ultimately fail. Instead of the desired effect, you’ll just be really hungry. In these situations, we start craving food full of empty calories and fats. This is because your stomach is actually looking for an easy and fast fix to end the way it’s feeling. In other words, these foods are easily digestible even if they don’t offer almost any nutritional value.

2 Resist Buying Snacks

If you have snacks in the house with nothing better to do, let’s face it, you’ll eat them. It’s better to resist buying snacks all-together than telling yourself you’ll only have a few. We all know those are empty promises that end in empty chip bags.

How to Eat Healthy

If you really want snacks in the house, you can always buy more fruit or granola bars. These will keep you full but also provide some nutritional value. The quarantine is an excellent time to stop snacking, too, because you won’t be able to go out and buy snacks when you’re feeling snakish like you usually do. Basically, you’ll be stuck with whatever food you have at home, so make sure no snacks are included.

3 Shop Online

You’re much more likely to get things done the right way if you’re not exposed to the pressure and tension outside. As well as that, it’s most likely you’ll get infected by grocery shopping since that’s where most people are. Shopping online also allows you to get fresher ingredients and is much safer because you know nobody but the person who packed them (wearing protecting gear) has touched your food.

Thankfully, the best online butcher, grocery store, produce store, and anything in-between is always available, regardless of the current COVID-19 situation. That solves your problem with buying healthy food and taking it home. Let’s not forget that you won’t have to deal with the depressing empty shelves and that all of the items you order will be in stock.

Good food

4 Don’t Shop in Bulk

If you do decide to go to the grocery store, whatever you do- don’t shop in bulk. You might think that you’ll ration your food over the span of the next week or two, but being all cooped up with so much food always guarantees you eating way too much.

This is especially true since most of the groceries you can buy in bulk have a high-calorie and fat count. Let’s face it, you don’t need all that pasta and sugar. What’s more, the groceries aren’t going anywhere so there’s really no reason to stockpile. Even visiting a convenience store nearby can be a good option.

Good food while stuck at home


As you can see, eating healthy is possible while you’re stuck at home. You don’t have to succumb to the cravings and current trends of other shoppers. Recognize your bad habits, analyze them, and work on eliminating them. Eating healthy will be much easier if you stick with these tips. We’re confident you’ll come out of quarantine looking great and that you’ll learn how to control your appetite.

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