Why Are Roses Always a Great Birthday Gift?

Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo.

Flowers have touched hearts since the beginning of time. Still, the language of flowers (Floriography) came into being in the Victorian Era when it was not proper to show emotion in public. So gifting flowers became a way of communicating one’s feelings and became a ritual on its own, with every culture manifesting its interpretation.

William Shakespeare made flowers and roses popular with quotes like the one from A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “…luscious woodbine, with sweet musk-roses and with eglantine: There sleeps Titania sometime of the night, Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight.”

When thinking of roses, the words passion and love come to mind, but they’re very versatile and can be gifted on any occasion. Whether it’s a single or a dozen buds, a birthday bouquet of roses is always appreciated.

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Many times we want to impress someone by buying an outrageous gift. In reality, the recipient may only want to spend time with you, and roses can convey so much more than material things.

Roses Are the Perfect Birthday Gift

When looking for a gift, we can become overwhelmed. Finding the perfect present causes stress when the classic rose is an ideal gift for any birthday.

The Romantic Rose

Roses have always been the symbol of love dating back to Greek mythology with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, usually seen surrounded by roses.

The Appreciated Rose

There’s no better way of showing your appreciation and brightening up someone’s day than giving them a bouquet of roses.

The Memorable Rose

A rose is one of those flowers that stands out above the crowded floral kingdom. People always remember receiving them, and they add that splash of color and elegance to a room.



The Scented Rose

There’s no other fragrance quite like a rose’s as it lingers in the air.

The Last-Minute Rose

Those of us who tend to forget birthdays, rushing into a florist at the last minute and buying a bunch has saved the day many times. Don’t try this on Valentine’s Day as you’ll be disappointed and out of favor.

The Pick-Me-Up Rose

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to give them roses. Anytime you feel that a friend needs a pick me up, go out and buy some and see the transformation in their eyes.

The Value Rose

Roses are relatively cheap compared to other gifts, and they always feel luxurious and demonstrate your appreciation.

The Beautiful Rose

Shakespeare had a lot to do with equating the rose to beauty. In Romeo and Juliet, we have that famous line, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The Versatile Rose

There are many varieties with different colors and shapes, and each has its special meaning to communicate that unique message to your favorite person.

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Different Rose Colors and Their Meanings

When choosing roses for a gift, it’s wise to uncover what the colors of the flowers mean. We have also touched on other meanings from other countries. To help you with your decision, we’ve rounded up many different colors and their meanings.

The Red Rose

The red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion and is a time-honored way of saying “I love you.” Whether for a birthday or Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with a dozen of them for your loved one. Red roses are also popular in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Mexican and Ghanain culture and have the same romantic meaning. In France, you should only give them to the one you truly love.

The Lavender Rose

For love at first sight, you would give a lavender rose. These are a great gift when you want to show your fascination or adoration, and they carry a sense of majesty and splendor.

The Orange Rose

If you want to show your vitality, passion, desire, and fierce love for that special person, then orange is the color of choice.

The Ivory Rose

The ivory rose exudes charm, luxury, and elegance and is suited for those with taste and style. It’s a great choice to show someone you care.

The White Rose

White symbolizes purity, virtue, and innocence and is traditionally associated with weddings. White roses have become popular as a form of remembrance. Whether you want to honor a friend, say farewell to a loved one, or celebrate new beginnings in a relationship, white roses are a way of saying you’re thinking about someone. In Japan and China they’re given to families in mourning, while in Mexico these flowers are seen as uplifting.

The Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is always a safe gift for a friend as it conveys warmth and affection and shows that you appreciate them. In Ghana, this color signifies joy. In Mexico, yellow is reserved for the day of the dead. Please don’t give a yellow rose to someone in Russia as it means you are breaking up with them. In France, it depicts unfaithfulness.

The Peach Rose

This modest flower conveys a genuine expression of gratitude and thanks. It’s often gifted in business deals to show loyalty. Peach roses are also a great gift for your young daughter because of their warm, soft color.

The Pink Rose

The pink rose is a symbol of grace and elegance and is the ideal gift for your fiancée. Pink roses can be given to a dependable work companion when you want to convey your admiration and joy. It’s a safe hostess gift in France.

The Green Rose

As a gift, green roses offer good wishes for a prosperous new life or a recovery to good health. They also symbolize harmony and peace.

The Blue Rose

These magical blooms represent a sense of mystery with their mesmerizing tones. They embody the ultimate desire in love.

The Black Rose

Black roses are used during Halloween and represent death. If you receive one, you know your relationship is over.

The Mixed Roses Message

By mixing different colored roses, you can convey various messages in one display. Who says you must only give one color bloom for a birthday gift? In Egypt, a mixed color floral basket is used in funerals.

The Multicolored Rose

Rainbow roses are unique and demonstrate joy. These make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby. Just as you can convey mixed feelings by mixing different colors, rainbow flowers can share many emotions in one gift.

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Other Traditions

Not only can you convey messages with color choices, but there are also a few more traditions that can complement your gift.

A Single Rose

A single rose is an understated message of endearment but not a good birthday gift idea unless accompanied by another, larger gift. In Russia, you give someone a single bloom on your first date.

One Dozen Roses

Traditionally, this is a message of love and gratitude. It has become the standard when gifting roses. In France, you would give an odd number of flowers, apart from 13, which is considered bad luck.

Two Dozen Roses

If you want to be a bit more extravagant, then two dozen roses carry double the meaning. Two dozen blooms say “I love you,” while adding to the gift’s extravagance for all other occasions.

Long-Stemmed Roses

These say, “I will remember you always”, and are the most desirable of all roses.

Petite Roses

Known as sweetheart roses, they’re an ideal gift for that particular person in your life. These can be grown in indoor pots and can be a symbol of your affection for many years to come.

The Petal at the End

Hopefully, with all the colors, meanings, and traditions, you can find that special message to convey with your next birthday gift. You can send roses anywhere in the world with hardly any extra cost and at any time of the day. A bouquet of roses is one of the best gifts you can give anyone on any occasion.

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