5 Unique Ways to Write Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

So you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, congrats! If you really want to impress your partner, consider choosing a unique way to write those magic words, “Will You Marry Me?”. Get inspired and use these tips to make your Valentine’s day proposal the sweetest surprise.

valentine's day proposal written on sand

Propose with Petals

Nothing says romance like red rose petals. Book a hotel room for the night and get there early to decorate with roses. Make a trail leading to the bedroom and write, “Will You Marry Me?” in petals on the bed.

Magical Winter Proposal

It’s ski and snowboard season! If you and your S.O. love winter sports and activities, take them to the snow for the weekend. Write your proposal in the snow, perhaps under the ski lift or outside of your cabin/hotel room. Snow makes everything look magical.

Scrabble Lovers Proposal

Planning a chill night in for Valentine’s Day? Cook your partner a nice dinner served with wine and set up a game night. If you want your friends present, invite them for a group game night. When you’re ready to pop the question, get your scrabble board out and spell out your proposal with the letters.

Candlelight Proposal

For those planning to propose at home or in a hotel, try spelling out your proposal in candles. This is very romantic and makes for a great photo. You can purchase a pack of tea light candles or battery candles if you want to avoid any fire hazards. Plan a distraction for your partner while you secretly set up the candles before they get there.

Valentine’s Day Proposal on a beach

Balloon Proposal

Everyone loves letter balloons! Buy some shiny red or pink letter balloons that spell out “Marry Me?” Place them in your partner’s home or in a hotel room to surprise them. Let them know to dress nicely for your V-Day date so that you can take some cute photos with your balloon proposal.

 Final Tips

When choosing how you want to pop the question, think about whether your partner would want a more public or private proposal. If you’re going out for Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re both looking photo ready. Schedule blowout and make-up appointments for your S.O. the day of the proposal and get your skin in check with anti aging cream. Lastly, don’t forget to schedule a photographer to capture such a beautiful moment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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