Why people love playing slots even if they lose

Slots are by far the most popular type of gambling game in the 21st century, accounting for at least 30% of all gambling revenue across the world. Can you believe that? We are constantly being told about how popular and successful the online slot industry has become over the last couple of decades, however statistics like this put it completely in perspective. Do you think Charles D. Fey would have anticipated his Liberty Bell slot to evolve into a world beating casino game? We’re not so sure!

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Regardless, it actually isn’t that surprising that slots have become so popular, because they offer so much more than other casino gambling games like roulette or poker. In fact, people love playing slots even if they lose, which is one of the key reasons why they have ended up so insanely popular. But hang on, how can you enjoy a gambling game even when you are losing? Keep reading for a few reasons why people love playing slots from Monopoly Casino even if they lose…

Compelling slot narratives

One of the best examples of why online slots are so much more popular than other types of casino gambling is because with slots developers can create compelling narratives, something that just isn’t possible with a game like roulette, for instance.

Just take an example such as Microgaming’s iconic game Immortal Romance. In this slot each bonus round unveils a new chapter in the story, and it means that gamblers can enjoy themselves even when they are losing.

Excellent HD slot graphics

The very first online slots had pretty poor graphics we must admit, however it didn’t take long for determined developers like NetEnt and Blueprint Gaming to make their games truly HD creations. These days HD slot graphics are pretty standard across the industry, and it means that modern online slots can be genuinely breath taking to look at.

With games like this it hardly matters if you win and lose, because simply looking at the slot game is enough in itself! Moreover, the emergence of truly HD slot graphics has meant that developers are close to offering virtual reality slots, and people will certainly keep playing virtual reality slots even if they lose!

Fun slot bonus rounds

Modern online slot bonus rounds are great mainly because they give people the chance to win some pretty handsome jackpot prizes, however even if you don’t end up winning any money they can be serious amounts of fun.

Just take online slots like Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for example. This slot has four unique bonus rounds, and each one of them are like little mini-games. Obviously you’d rather win them, but even if you lose they’ll have you coming back for more!

Interesting new slot game mechanics

It would definitely get boring losing on the same slot game mechanic over and over again, but luckily developers like Thunderkick and Big Time Gaming have been pioneering new game mechanics in the last few years.

Big Time Gaming’s Megaways system is a great example of this, offering over 100,000 ways to win.

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