From Slots To Bingo: Follow Your Favourite Franchise

Did you know that some of the best online Bingo games are based on our favourite Slots? Well, it’s true! Not satisfied with just Slots, the creators of Rainbow Riches and Age of the Gods have branched out and furthered their theme into the world of Bingo. Read on to find out more!

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Rainbow Riches Bingo Room

In this Bingo room you will find tickets consisting of two four-leaf clovers on each, with a number on every section of the leaf. You can also purchase a strip for this game, which will consist of five tickets on each.

Rainbow Riches Bingo offers players a range of standard prizes, consisting of one clover and House. The prizes that are offered for these, prior to each game, is the minimum guaranteed prize amount that you’re set to receive, if you bag that win. However, the actual prize that you will receive is determined by the number of tickets that are purchased per game. So, the more tickets that are purchased, the bigger the prize pot will be! Sometime the prize total will also be rounded up, to give a full-figured amount.

The first prize to aim for in this Bingo game is the one clover prize, a somewhat adapted version of the classic one line prize that we’re used to seeing in Bingo. The one clover prize is won by having all 4 numbers in a single clover on their ticket called and crossed off. To win the House prize, as you’d most likely expect, you must have all numbered sections across both four leafed clovers on your ticket called out and crossed off. You’ll be happy to hear that more than one person can win each prize, although that does mean that the prize pot will have to be shared out equally.

Age of the Gods Bingo Room

This version of Bingo is of the 90-ball variant, with an additional tailored Arena of the Gods post-game feature following suit. So, it’s all to play for when you take your chances with these Greek gods.

There are three standard prizes to be won in each game of Age of the Gods Bingo – one line, two lines and House. To earn the prize for one line then you must have had all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line on your ticket called out and crossed off. For two lines is much the same, but you’re looking for two full lines instead of one! And, to walk away with the House prize, otherwise known as Bingo, you must have all the numbers on your ticket crossed off.

What makes this game a little different is undoubtedly the aforementioned bonus feature – Arena of the Gods. This side game will pop up at the end of your game of Bingo, if the Age of the Gods coin made an appearance before your main game began. The bonus game will open up as a grid filled with nine coins, asking you to select from them. The player who won House in this game will be responsible for selecting the coin, as many as it takes to match three of the same gods or goddesses within the grid.

There are four prizes to strive for in this bonus feature:

• The Zeus award – paying out 100% of the total amount to all players

• The Hades award – paying out 100% of the total amount just to the House winner

• The Athena award – paying out 75% of the total amount to the majority of players, and 25% to the House winner

• The Ares award – paying out 75% of the total amount to the House winner, and 25% to the rest of the players

As you can see, if you love their Slots, then you’re sure to love their take on Bingo!

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