Rediscovering Classic Games Online

In the past decade, there was one type of game that ruled the online gambling realm — slot machines. It takes no PhD to see why: they are fun, vibrant, full of breathtaking effects and big bonus features with even bigger prize potential. Compared to casino classics such as roulette and poker, they are like a crazy carousel ride that will never be over. In the past, traditional games were often added simply to cater to a smaller audience of more conservative players who like to take their time and do things the old-school way.

Now, there is a change on the horizon, one that cannot be ignored. Best-ranked casinos available online are noting increased interest in games that, until yesterday, were considered plain and basic. It seems that card and table games are coming back stronger than a 90s trend!

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Walk Down the Memory Lane

Online slot machines still rule with a steady hand, but it seems that for many, they are becoming overwhelming. Week after week, iGaming companies are releasing dozens and dozens of slot games, and each of them has a more complex gaming mechanism than the other. Keeping track of new titles and bonus features can easily turn into a full-time job, accompanied by bombastic artwork that attacks all the senses.

And while such games were highly appreciated a few years ago, the pandemic marked an important change in discourse. We want things that are familiar and comforting rather than action-packed. Going back to the roots is evident not only in the world of gambling but also in fashion, nutrition, and fitness. It almost feels as if the public has a low tolerance for crazy new fads. Keeping it simple has become the norm.

Easy to Learn & Play

Every new slot on the market has its recipe for success. The ever-increasing competition forces operators to pack as many features as possible, which oftentimes turns out to be too much for an average gambler. At the same time, roulette, poker, baccarat and other table and card games keep things as easy as ever:

    • To bet on roulette, a gambler can (amongst other bets) just choose between black and red or odds and even;
    • In blackjack, all they have to do is count to 21;
    • Baccarat only asks gamblers to choose a side;
    • In poker, players have to memorise the value of the hands and nothing more.

And those are only the most famous games. More exotic tabletop games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti also focus on staying minimalistic in terms of gameplay. The fact that it takes no more than a couple of minutes to learn the rules appeals to a new generation of gamblers who cannot be bothered by a bazillion bonus options at once.

Live Casino Games Create Communities

The new-found popularity of table and card games can also be attributed to the emergence of live casino entertainment. Live casino games, unlike video table and card games, have integrated live chat that players can use to talk to other gamblers at the same table, thus building a sense of community and delivering an authentic experience.

Instead of visiting land-based venues, gamblers invite dealers to their own homes and play popular evergreens as if they were in a fancy casino in the centre of London.

Table and card games came a long way from gambling joints in 18th-century France. More innovative, bolder and fresher than ever, they keep on entertaining like they did in their first years, only in a different format.

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