2021 Top Fashion Trend – No Trend At All!

2020 has not been merciful for fashion lovers. It is not easy to rock the latest trends when trapped in a home office during a Covid lockdown. That is why this year we say: The hottest fashion style is no trend at all! Does it mean you should stay in your pajamas for the whole of 2021? Definitely not!

It is time to be the master of your wardrobe – shuffle clothes and accessories all you want. Create a unique OOTD with the hottest pieces from Milan and Paris (online) SS21 Fashion Weeks. And remember – if everything is trendy, nothing is. So keep it unique.

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Trendy Clothing is Not Enough

Fine feathers make fine birds, they say. When choosing your look, there are many outfit factors to consider. Matching shoes, accessories, and completing handbags. But what about a hairstyle? You can be dressed in the hottest Victoria Beckham’s wide-legged pants and trendiest Dolce and Gabbana’s bra top, but if your hair is dull and matted, there’s no saving it. It takes all the attention off of your outfit. It shouldn’t be like this. Hair can and SHOULD be the finest of your jewels.

But what if all hair salons are closed?- you ask. Well, this is no excuse. Just as you can complete the most stunning make-up look at home, you can do it with haircuts too. We are not talking about drastic pixie cuts (though if you are brave enough – go for it!), but a slight trim here and there. It is not only professional make-up brushes that you can buy online. Pro hair cutting scissors too. Different sites let you choose the right length of the scissors, hand configurations, and brands. You can decide on the budget version, or go more fancy with salon-quality shears, like MATSUI or SOZU scissors from scissortec.com.

In case you never cut your hair at home before, don’t worry, YouTube’s got you. Just type “how to trim the ends at home”, “cutting hair by yourself” or, for “easy bangs tutorial”. You will see hundreds of guides and inspirations. Just avoid the ones with “fails” in the title. If you’re wondering what NOT to do, check out some Brad Mondo videos for entertainment, or to make yourself feel better if your bleach job didn’t come out the way you expected.

Less is More – Neutral Tones Are Back

Fashion lovers adore a bold pattern. But there is a lot of power in neutral and straightforward designs. Fashion historian, Andrew Luecke says, that there is power in riding that plain and spartan line. The trend of camel color styling takes from the 70’s fashion. By mixing and matching yellow and camel-colored items, you create dimension and add integrity to the look.



Try a yellow fitted turtleneck with high waist flare pants in the same shade. Throw a tan jacket on top or a faux-fur for the spring chills. You will most definitely attract pedestrians’ gaze with this trendy and flattering look.

Oversized Shoulder Pad Jackets

This is another trend that has been brought back to life by the fashion industry. If you love the 80’s and the question “Are shoulder pads in style in 2021?” has crossed your mind – this is a trend for you. Pads make you look strong, bold and tailor your silhouette. They optically cinch your waist and make your legs appear longer.

Rock this trend in the spring, adding a pair of straight-leg trousers. For the summer months, try leather or vinyl shorts to add a rough edge. You may modify this look to more elegant or casual, combining different accessories, colors, and patterns.

Invest In White Knee-High Boots

As spring summer 2021 top fashion trends are all about going back in time – iconic white knee-high boots couldn’t be left out. This 60’s classic, inspired by gogo dancers, is a real statement in the fashion industry. HarperBazzar’s experts claim that there is hardly any other shoe that is more versatile. This season, try going for an effortlessly chic style.

Pair them with a floral or patterned dress, a crop top, and a blazer or a T-shirt with leggings. However, we agree with Leandra Medine. The top argument is no need to shave your legs when you’re wearing them. What more reasons do you need?

fashion trend

Prints Are Trending

If previously mentioned neutrals made you rethink the trust in fashion critics, keep on reading. The SS21 trends are all about including all different fashion trends. Do you like a strong, crazy creative, attention-grabbing pattern? This season you will find plenty of all-over printed sets. Designers will use non-obvious materials and unconventional silhouettes.

Go for a checked blazer and pant duo. Forget boring black suits. You may choose a white shirt to be a canvas. Complete with a one-color headband or a necklace complimenting the print’s colors.

Wide-Leg is The Answer

The trend for wide-leg pants is going hard right now. And we are not surprised! Flare pants add sophistication and will elaborate even the simplest of outfits. You must have seen them all over social media. Probably also in your local grocery store. Remember, fashionistas never sleep and look like a million bucks at all times. With the massive help of those exceptional trousers.

Find them in jeans, material, satin – whatever fabric you currently adore. Pair them with a crop top at a long T-shirt for a sporty chill look, or with a lacy bodysuit, pearl necklace, and heels for the more date-night outfit.

How To Look Trendy In Spring-Summer 2021?

Here we showed you some of the hottest trends that will take over 2021. You can keep it toned down, or go crazy. But just like in art – only you can develop your unique style. When following the trends, try not to mimic other people. Instead, incorporate items that match your character and lifestyle. Influencers change their wardrobe a few times every season but who has time and money for that? Trends come and go; no piece will be in fashion forever. It is nice to try out new styles from time to time, but try to find the ones that will become a statement.

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