Places to Visit in Lima Within 24 Hours

If you are visiting Lima for only 24 hours, you should plan the tour to visit as much as possible during your stay.

Places to Visit in Lima

If you are visiting Peru, you should not miss the chance to visit Lima. Most travelers spend their time in Peru by visiting the main attractions, such as Lake Titicaca, the Amazon rainforest, and Machu Picchu. This often means that Lima does not make it onto their itinerary.

Nevertheless, you should stop by at least for one day as travel spots of the capital are no less worthy to visit at least once in your lifetime. Although, if you are planning to stay in Lima only for one day, you will have to plan cleverly. You should make a list of what to skip and what to see. It is a good idea to use a Lima Travel Guide to assist you.  With only 24 hours, you can still explore a combination of both history and culture while tasting some traditional Peruvian dishes.

Stick to our one-day travel plan and discover the best that Peru’s capital has to offer.

Plaza de Armas

You can start the tour by visiting the historic Plaza de Armas in the Old Town. This place will give you a perfect introduction to colonial Lima. While you are visiting there, you also can stop by the Cathedral of Lima, where you can explore the Government Palace and many other ancient buildings.

You can find the Monumento a Taulichusco around half a block away from the central square. Native peoples believe that, when you touch the monument, it will energize you immediately. You will need around one hour to complete the entire tour in the Old Town.

Visit Both the Saint Francis Monastery and  the Catacombs

While you are visiting the historic area, you should stop by the Saint Francis Monastery. You may be concerned about the time limit, but there you will get an outstanding overview of colonial South American convent. After that, you can climb down into the catacombs. Once upon a time, those tunnels below the monastery were used as the city’s graveyard. Visiting a graveyard may sound creepy, but it is an unmissable experience. Visiting both the monastery and the catacombs will take around one to two hours.

Explore Pre-Inca Cultures at Huaca Pucllana

One of the surprising facts about Peru is that many cultures originated in the country other than the Inca. You still can explore splendid ruins from pre-Inca cultures by visiting Lima. The most significant one is Huaca Pucllana which once served both as a ceremonial center and an administrative point. To reach it from Monasterio de San Francisco, you should hire a taxi. Including the ride, you will need around one to two hours to complete the entire tour of Huaca Pucllana.


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Visit Miraflores and Walk Down to the Coast

After Huaca Pucllana, you can visit Miraflores. To reach there, you can take a cab or you can walk there on your own. The distance is really short between Huaca Pucllana to the center of Miraflores.

Miraflores is one of the most visited places in Lima. The place is not as historically rich as the city center, but there you will find lots of art galleries, restaurants, and cafes. You can start the tour from Parque Kennedy, which is also known as the cat park. For refreshment, you can find different types of food vendors and restaurants serving traditional Peruvian food.

Then you should walk down to the coast, where you can visit Parque del Amor. This park is close to the coastline. There you can discover many interesting statues as well as overwhelmingly beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. You can visit the entire spot within an hour.

Explore the Taste of Traditional Peruvian Food

By this time of the day, you will probably be hungry for dinner, so you should stay in Miraflores. In this area, you will find different types of restaurants that serve traditional Peruvian foods.

Since you are near the coast, fresh fish will be a fantastic choice for dinner. If you are planning to have fish, then one of the finest choices will be a plate of ceviche. The dish is prepared with raw fish marinated in lime juice, chili peppers, and onions. Another popular traditional Peruvian dish is Aji de Gallina. This dish is basically chicken plated with a walnut sauce made with Peruvian chili and creamy cheese.

If you want to taste Peru’s regional vegetables, you should try Lomo Saltado. The dish is a mixture of marinated beef, peppers, tomatoes, and different types of tropical vegetables. A typical Peruvian drink you must try is Chicha Morada. This sticky sweet drink is made from purple corn and tastes like cinnamon and cloves.

Some More Information About The City

Hotel Recommendation

If you are visiting Lima only for 24 hours, you should find a hotel near the main tourist spots. The best choice will be a hotel in Miraflores. The city is safe for a tour at any time of the day, and you can even go out at night.

Best Season to Visit Lima

Now if you are planning to visit Lima, you might be wondering what time will be best to visit. Well, every month is great to plan a tour there. The weather is usually warm at the beginning of the year. From January to March, the temperature remains warm. However, if you are not used to the heat, sightseeing during that time of the year can be exhausting for you.

If you like to travel in cold weather, you should visit there between August and October. Do not forget to bring some winter clothes with you. Basically, you can visit there any time of the year, except during foggy and steamy weather.

Lima is a beautiful city, surrounded by various historical spots and tourist attractions. Visiting there even for a single day is worth the time and cost. However, you will need to take different precautions to be safe in the city. To be safe from robbery, leave your valuables and expensive stuff in the hotel room. Similarly, when you are going out, keep your belongings close and hold your bag carefully, especially when you are at a restaurant or traveling by public transport.

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