Top 5 Wineries To Visit While In NY

New York and wineries? Okay, it may not be the first destination to strike your mind while planning wine tours. Still, there is no need to travel several miles to Spain, France, or Italy to explore the top-notch vineyards if you are in NY. This is because NY is the abode of some of the world-class wineries in the U.S.A.

wineries in NY

With such an impression, why should you consider flying far to experience what is there in your region? So, this summer, just leave other states of the U.S.A and the European countries behind and savor some of the surprisingly classy wine offerings of NY to the most judicious visitors. Following are some of the best wineries to explore in NY:

Warwick Valley

This winery is the hotspot for those who look for a delicious treat but in a peaceful retreat for spending afternoons. Nestled at the base of the Hudson Valley, the Warwick Valley winery offers the most delicious hand-picked wines of NY by relying on the natural soils and favorable climate. You may have never tasted such wines in the U.S before. You can even pack some delicious varieties to enjoy at home.

Long Island Wineries

Long Island in NY has an astounding array of delicious wines to taste, right from the rare imports to local harvests seen across dining tables to farms across the region. This is why people do not end up exploring just one or two wineries on this island; they plan for a tour to cover maximum wineries. For a smooth trip, consider a Long Island car service offering professionally-chauffeured limousines.

Red Hook Winery

A trip to this winery is essential if you want to see a live example of how well an establishment can come up after losing everything in a storm. Yes, the Sandy hurricane had totally destroyed this winery but this small but famous establishment has been reinstated stronger than ever. So, how about tasting its unique grape wines while listening to the courageous saga of its comeback?

Brotherhood Winery

This remarkable winery attracts big groups of tourists having different flavors, ranging right from sweet to dry to assorted. This is where you come across a myriad of savory wines such that each one in your group will get something to taste and commend.

Benmarl Winery

Welcome to the U.S.A.’s oldest vineyard! Nestled on the Hudson River, this scenic vineyard attracts tourists for its vivid terrain of planted vines. You can plan a full-day trip to this site and soak into the flavor and taste of its diverse wines. Apart from that, you can even organize a special event here; thanks to its attractive and relaxing location!

wineries in NY


The NY state is now the home to some of the robust competitors of wines. So, now, if you plan for a wine tasting tour, do target NYC and its surrounding areas, which will leave you amazed! For a safe and convenient trip, it is advisable to book a limo.

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