How to Plan an Unforgettable Road Trip

After the last year of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, people are feeling restless and eager to resume their adventures. If you’re still feeling unsure about flying or any other communal, public forms of travel, a classic road trip might be exactly what you need. If you’ve never been on a full-fledged road trip, or you’re looking for some ways to spice up the experience, the following are some great tips for you.

Choose your ideal destinations

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For many people, national parks are a great place to start when thinking about hitting the open road. Especially if you’ll be traveling across the United States in a self-contained vehicle like an RV or converted van, your trip could be highly affordable. Start with doing some research about the National Park Service and looking into the hours when you can visit the national park in question, along with Covid-19 regulations and restrictions. Most parks are open now with limits on capacity. However, because people can spread out in these parks, you might find that it’s easy to find yourself lost on a trail in a fantastic adventure.

Knowing your destination ahead of time is a great way to ensure the success of your road trip. With that said, you’ll want to keep an open mind about stops along the way. Those roadside attractions can often become trip highlights you’ll remember forever. Be sure to plan a few extra days away to make those surprise stops possible.

CBD is the best travel companion



Road trips can get stressful. Many people find that bringing CBD on the road helps with anxiety that can come with exploring the unknown. Think about picking up Pure Spectrum CBD for your travels. Safe and all natural, this product comes in a variety of flavors and formats and can help you sleep at night. It’ll also help with those aches and pains that come along with sitting in a vehicle for too long. You’ll be glad you took it along if you run into trouble on the road.

When picking out a CBD product for the road, be sure to consider the variety of forms CBD comes in. Tinctures and CBD oils are popular for pain relief, while CBD vapes and gummies can help with anxiety or sleep troubles during travels. Fortunately, the global market has made it easy to find THC-free CBD products all over the internet. By doing some research ahead of time, following social media and blogs, you’ll easily be able to find a great CBD product that can help you in your travels. Don’t forget to ask a doctor about dosage and possible side effects if you’re using CBD for the first time, just like you would with any supplement.

The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

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You’ll be most comfortable during your travels if you pack for things like climate change and any occasion. Think about packing layers along with skirts and dresses that you can play up or down. With space being limited for most road trips, you’ll want to consider neutral colors, so you’ll have more options when it comes to assembling the perfect outfit for whatever event or location your road trip takes you to. In short, bring that black dress, but also bring the sweater or scarf to layer it, and you won’t have regrets.

When packing clothing for your trip, one of the most important things to remember is footwear. Nothing can ruin a trip like the wrong shoes or huge blisters. You never know what type of shoes you’ll need for each destination. Even America’s national parks are all different. The perfect outfit for Glacier National Park will be different from the one you wear to explore the national monuments. For this reason, you’ll want to bring a good pair of hiking shoes along with those sandals or flip-flops for your adventures on the coast.

Pack a sense of adventure



Of all the things you pack, the most important will be a sense of adventure. Nothing is as exciting as a road trip where you know you’ll be able to jump out of the car to pick wildflowers or explore a new park along the way. While it’s perfectly okay to head for popular spots like the Grand Canyon, bringing an open mind about lesser known places is a great way to make your trip more memorable.

Challenge yourself and your travel companions to make one spur-of-the-moment stop every day. Whether this means eating in a roadside diner or turning the GPS off between destinations to intentionally get lost, being open to spontaneity will go a long way in making your road trip more enjoyable. Eventually, you’ll get to your destination, but stopping to climb a mountain or explore a few caves on the way will make your trip unforgettable.

With a list of special places you’ve always wanted to see, a great travel companion, a solid plan about where you’ll stay at night, and a sense of adventure, your road trip is bound to be one you’ll remember for years. Happy travels to you and don’t forget to pack your camera!

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