10 Facts About Hotel Booking in Travel That You Never Knew

A break from normal routine and a good holiday is a rare luxury and blessing. But when you get it you try to spend in the best possible way with all the comforts that you can afford. However, choosing the right hotel saves you from ruining your holiday.

There is no challenging fact that a right hotel can turn the tide of things in an instant. But how to find a hotel that suits you best?

Believe me, I have faced similar situations and exactly know their impact on the entire trip when I visited Seychelle and was looking for the best hotels in Seychelle.

Many times ending up in wrong hotels and ruined holidays did the trick for me but I will try to spare you the inconvenience.

10 Hotel Booking Secrets You need To Know

10 Facts About Hotel Booking in Travel That You Never Knew


The right location for a hotel can save a lot of your time, money and also be convenient. The right location for the hotel is usually in the middle of the city from where you can access transport ,stores and especially the places you need to visit will be more accessible saving you time and money on transport.

Trust me and I say this from experience that a few times ending up in the outer corner of the city away from every need, that’s when I got the hang of it.

Before choosing a hotel do view its location properly but it might be useful to visit the hotels fiji official website before visiting which helps with a lot of problems regarding it.

2-Hotel Reviews

Before visiting any hotel it is always good to take precautions and see reviews about it from any of the sites that you trust or are reliable.

Even though all of them might not be accurate but still can be helpful. Like sometimes they stay in a quite cheap hotel and would be criticising it because it wasn’t as good as an expensive one. Dude that’s now how things work!

There are sites that let you chat with people who have already visited the hotel. Resourceful isn’t it. A few times I have also asked people on different sites, as who wants their holiday to get ruined.

3-Free Breakfast

This is one of the most important perspectives you have to check while booking a hotel. If the hotel has a deal or option for breakfast with additional cost with it.

Avail it because it saves a lot of money and time for finding a good cafe and most of them are very expensive compared to the hotel breakfast. This is the first offer I usually check when booking a hotel.

4-Air Conditioning

Depending on the area you are visiting, always check if it needs air conditioning or not. In most hotels they already have air conditioners but it’s not the case with all of them.

Specially if you have booked a cheap or 3 star hotel it is always necessary to check if they have air conditioners or not.

There was a time that twice I booked hotels one didn’t have proper electricity flow and the other didn’t have an air conditioner.


The prime factor that you have to inspect is the price of the hotel. You have to carefully look if the price is worth the facilities they are providing.

If you check in, in a 4 star or 5 star hotel you obviously pay more but also keep in mind the deals or the facilities they provide are worth the money invested.

If you check in, in a 3 star hotel do keep in mind the cheaper you pay simultaneously will be the deals and provision.

10 Facts About Hotel Booking in Travel That You Never Knew

6-Online Booking

If you are booking online for any of the hotels then make sure that the website or webpage you use is accurate and reliable.

But if it is the official site then it wouldn’t be much of a problem but still a little precaution is important.

7-Free wifi

Free wifi is almost as important as oxygen nowadays. Most of the hotels do have free wifi but there were a few hotels I visited that did not have it and no such thing was mentioned on their website as free wifi which I might have missed to take notice.


It is very important to check in the hotel rooms and websites if they have the things you need and require and once you miss then it’s very hard to find those toiletries. Especially in the frogin country you are not yet too familiar with. You can check all the amenities you can enjoy during your stay at baitong hotel on their website.

9-Discounts and Deals

It is very beneficial to look into their discounts and deals as it has a lot of options through which you can save money and time like there are coupons and deals besides everyone likes saving money with deals like these.

I once stayed in a hotel which provided quite a lot of deals and one careful look into them saved quite a lot of my money.

10- Security and Special Needs

When booking a hotel you should check the security of the hotel like how many cameras they have or guard posts they have in there.

As mentioned above you can ask people on websites about the security of the hotel because safety of friends and family is necessary.

Also if there are some special needs you want at the hotel you can mention then before booking or during it for example if someone is disable or if they are carrying pets with them or if problems like asthma and the person needs a smoke free room or a room near the lift.

Many people must have the same problems as I have faced in the past while traveling. Because even some small mistake in any of the things can cause big problems.

But the key to a good and comfortable holiday is choosing a hotel according to one’s personal need.

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