5 Bollywood Dance Moves And The Songs That Made Them Iconic!

Gone are the days when Bollywood was looked down on and laughed at. If you want to groove and have fun while at it, meet the new kid on the block: Bollywood dance. Having emerged from the shadows a few years ago, it has been taking the world by storm with its treasure trove of fun, easy moves that are guaranteed to get people smiling and grooving.

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.” – Maya Angelou

Bollywood Dance
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Bollywood dance is a dance form that is an amalgamation of various folk dance forms from India. It used to be a medley of various moves but over the years it has taken on a form of its own and stands in its own right as a separate dance form. It is fun, it is catchy, and above all, it is easy to learn! So if you find yourself in a rut and want to shake some of the blues way, go ahead and try these moves to get you out of your funk in no time!

Who can forget Kimi Katkar and the Big B’s moves in this all time favorite. Not only was it Mr. Bachhan’s big comeback and a massive blockbuster, but the song and its moves have survived entire generations, getting them to hit the dance floor even today when they hear this song. Join in!

While stalking could never be cool, this gem and Madhuri Dixit’s moves became the go to at all the weddings for years. You couldn’t go to a wedding where people did not break into the famous “Chane Ke Khet Mein” moves. There was no one who did not know what these moves were. Go ahead and try your twirling skills in this one.

Hrithik Roshan got an entire generation of girls and their mothers swooning at the thought of him. I remember screaming myself hoarse just to get his attention in a crowd full of far louder teenagers to no avail! Bollywood had just not seen someone who danced like him with the looks to boot! No wonder he and his iconic step are still in vogue today. Try out this step for guaranteed dance’y’ feels!

Prabhudeva is not called the Michael Jackson of India for nothing. His moves are iconic, mind bending and nevermind the fact that most of us couldn’t get anywhere close to getting those moves right, it did not stop us from trying! While he has a lot of hits with equally jaw dropping moves, this one remains a hot favourite. Watch and learn from the master; or not, the effort is sure to get your endorphins going!

And finally, who can forget this peppy number and Preity Zinta outshining the entire cast with her moves. Not only is the tune catchy, the hook move is easy enough to have even clumsy clods like me able to match a few of the steps. Try it for a mood lift and easy moves that will get you smiling in no time.

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You never know when I might decide to work in a Bollywood film and do one of those dance numbers with the whole crew in the backdrop. — Brad Pitt

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