Bringing Festivity into Office Attire

As the holiday season approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to contain excitement but there are office-appropriate ways to express your love for Christmas. You will soon become the office trendsetter if you rock up with these festive accessories in anticipation of the Christmas countdown. But how can you balance festive fun with professional appearances?

Christmas office party fashion
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One way to bring the holiday spirit into your office attire is through unique men’s cufflinks. Many online stores boast selections of baubles, Christmas crackers, stockings, and much more. Cufflinks are often perceived as ostentatious accessories that are reserved for special occasions but, throughout the month of December, you can make every day a cufflink day with holiday-themed office accessories.

Tie Clip

Like cufflinks, Christmassy tie clips are another corporate accessory that can be adapted for the holiday season. There are ranges available online including Christmas trees, reindeer, and Santas. Not only do tie clips keep your tie neatly in place, but they can be a striking accessory of an otherwise drab outfit. These are the perfect pieces for practical fashion purposes.

Belt Buckle

An added belt buckle is certainly a statement piece of an outfit, and what better statement to be making than one that revolves around Christmas? There is a varied collection of designs including prints of snowflakes, Rudolph, and wrapping paper patterns. Festive belt buckles are the gifts that keep on giving, completely tying together an ensemble of holiday-themed accessories.


The tie is a staple of the professional man’s attire; a man can wear the same suit on multiple occasions as long as he changes his tie. Typically, ties are a means of complementing a suit to bring all the components together. Despite this, a Christmas tie tends to have the opposite effect and that is quite the point. Festive ties are bright, brash, and gaudy with novelty patterns and prints; such extravagance is what Christmas is all about.


Socks are a sort of hidden treasure when it comes to office attire and can often be overlooked. However, with the clashing colors and bold patterns of Christmas socks, they are sure to be noticed peaking from the top of your shoe. Additionally, the holiday season is all about comfort, and what is more comforting than a soft pair of socks? Not only will Christmas socks allow you to bring festivity into the office, but they will keep you cozy during the chilly months.

Christmas office party fashion
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This idea is a bit more out there and not all offices may be onboard, but it is certainly an option for the corporate Christmas party. Festive shirts are the distant relative of the Hawaiian shirt; they are just as kitschy but stand for winter as opposed to summer. Though not the most fashion-forward, Christmas shirts are certainly a lot of fun and are appropriate to the most wonderful time of the year.


The Christmas jumper is arguably even less subtle than the Christmas shirt, meaning that once again it may not be permitted in the office. However, it is a great alternative for the Christmas party when it is a bit too frosty outside to rely on a shirt alone. Christmas does take place during the winter months after all. Christmas jumpers can also be great conversation starters so are a worthy investment for any social holiday event.


Are you excited about the upcoming holiday season? Get ordering those festive accessories ready to wow your colleagues throughout the month of December. Your outfits will be the talk of the office with these fun and merry pieces at your disposal.

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