Great Beauty Industry Careers That Anyone Can Have

Working in the beauty industry is something many people dream about. It’s a great branch – your job is to make people look and feel more beautiful! It’s also very dynamic and it enables you to unleash your creativity.

And not only that. It’s also very rewarding financially. In today’s beauty-obsessed world, all kinds of beauty treatments have become much more popular and there are more and more clients interested in cashing out on self-care.

Beauty Industry Careers
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In the past decade or so, the beauty industry has grown a lot and there are now many new professions that didn’t exist before. We present the top careers in the industry anyone who loves beauty can switch to.

Eyelash Specialist

Lash treatments are more popular than ever before. Enhancing your eyelashes through various procedures has become such a beauty staple lash salons have their hands full.

This huge rise in the demand for lash treatments was brought on by the emergence of new lash treatments. There’s now something for everybody. Lash extensions now come in all styles you can imagine. For clients who want a more natural look, there’s the more subtle lash lift.

So becoming an eyelash specialist is a great career choice. There’s no beauty salon that doesn’t offer lash services nowadays and skillful techs are very much in demand.

You can become a lash technician relatively easily. You need to have some sort of certificate in order to start working, but the skill can be picked up very quickly, especially if you take a course. None of the procedures are too complicated and you can master them in a matter of weeks.

Microblading Artist

beauty industry careers

Being a makeup artist is great, but being a permanent makeup artist is even better.

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing that recreates the look of wearing makeup by implementing colors into the skin. Microblading for eyebrows is by far the most famous procedure, and technicians who perform it are called microblading artists.

The treatments don’t come cheap and artists make some significant cash. Anyone can become a microblading artist. All you need to do is take a course with an accredited academy, like the PhiBrows Montreal training events, and with some practice, you’ll soon be able to give people the brows of their dreams. You don’t have to have any prior experience in beauty.

The skill takes some perfecting and you need to practice it a bit before you start working – you’ll be tattooing people’s faces after all. So the sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll start earning.

Beauty Influencer

This one’s for all the charismatic beauty lovers out there!

Social media has transformed the global job market so much it’s now entirely possible to earn your bread and butter in the virtual world. Beauty influencers make their money testing and reviewing products, which definitely sounds like a dream job to us!

If you generally like using social media and know your way around various platforms, you can start posting reviews of stuff you normally use. If you can manage to create content that attracts people and inspires them to try what you recommend, you’ll soon start receiving free products, and eventually start earning.

One thing to bear in mind though is that you need to be persistent and consistent. A job in social media is just like any other – it takes hard work and dedication.

beauty industry career

Tanning Specialist

The sunkissed look never goes out of style, but excessive sunlight exposure is a thing of the past. The harmful effects of sunlight made sunbathing outdated and people are turning to alternative ways of achieving the coveted bronze.

Tanning specialists provide spray tan treatments. This obviously includes basic spray tans, but there are now more creative ways to use the skill – body contouring. Through clever use of spray tan, you can give clients the 6-pack they never got around to obtaining.

In order to start working, you should get certified, but courses aren’t expensive, and you can take them online. A slightly bigger investment is the equipment, but the demand for well-executed spray tans is so huge it’ll pay itself off in no time.

Final Word

Starting a career in beauty is just like starting a career in any other industry. It requires some education, but true learning only comes once you start working. So if you do decide to take off on this journey, know that it will probably take you some time to perfect your work, no matter which career you choose.

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