From the Bottom Up: What to Wear to Dance Class

You’ve finally found the time to enroll in your very first dance class. To maximize every second spent in class, and to ensure you profit out of your hard-earned money, you have to be comfortable. Buying dancewear may be the last thing on your mind because you have butterflies in your stomach, but the number one rule to enjoying your session is to dress in appropriate clothes.

What to Wear to Dance Class dancewear

Apart from helping you glide gracefully on the dance floor, wearing the right set of clothes boost your confidence. Consider the tips below to help you dress for your very first dance session. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, it is essential to attend class in the right clothes because they help you move. Read on to help you prep what to wear and what extra items to put in your dance bag.

The Power of Socks

Many people forget this small item. Remember to take an additional pair of socks. Feet are very prone to sweating, so a couple of breathable sports socks don’t just add the cuteness factor to your dancewear ensemble but they also soak up sweat and keep your feet comfy while you’re twirling around. After class is over, take off what you’re wearing and chuck them along with your sweaty clothes. Wear the new one inside your bag because it is going to be uncomfy to drive in soggy, wet socks. If your class is in the morning, the last thing you want is to spend the entire day with damp feet. That is just a recipe for an athlete’s foot!

The Shoe Factor

Since you’re relying on your feet to dance, you want to encase your feet in a pair of comfy, supportive, and lightweight Ballroom Dance Shoes. Wearing the right pair of kicks helps you dance with ease. For newbies, wearing running shoes is okay. Just remember to steer clear from soles that are too thin because you’ll feel the pressure of the hardwood floors. In the same token, too bulky shoes will wear you down. For best results, get your foot correctly measured, so you’ll have the best kind of shoes that suits your foot. Some people have bunions, high arches, and flat feet, so it is even more critical to get the right set of shoes, so you’ll be free from pain. With the help of a sales associate, you’ll find the comfiest pair of dance shoes to help you move and groove in style.

dancewear to dance class

The Right Underwear

Never underestimate the power of underwear! It is critical to wear the right set of undies while in class. The last thing you want is always to have to adjust your knickers because they ride up your butt, giving you a wedgie. Bring a fresh set of underwear in your bag because you are guaranteed to sweat on the ones you’re wearing during class. Keep body odor away! It is hygienic to change underwear after class so you can enjoy the afterglow rather than the discomfort of wet and smelly underpants.

The Perfect Pants

There are many bottom styles to choose from, such as leggings, capris, sweat pants, yoga pants, wide legs, and more. The key is to pick something that makes you feel good. Most importantly, you have to choose a pair of pants that let you stretch and allows you to move with ease. Stay away from too tight pants because this will restrict your movement. You don’t want your pants to rip in the middle of a stretch now, would you? Ensure that your pants aren’t too long, so you will not trip as you practice all your moves.

dancewear to Dance Class

The Comfy Top

The most important garment to consider when talking about tops is your bra. Make sure to opt for a sports bra that gives your twins a lot of support. There will be a lot of bouncing and moving in class, so you’ll need a well-fitting bra to keep them in place. The shirt you also choose matters. Many prefer a tight top to see their form. If you go for this kind of shirt, make sure that the material can stretch and breathe. Chances are, you will be sweating in class, so you’ll want a top that can handle the sweat. Layering up is also a good idea so that you can peel off layers as your body temperature spikes with the movement.

Bottom Line

These are the things you will have to prepare for your dance class. Make sure everything fits well for your ultimate comfort. Now, you’ll have the perfect arsenal to take to the dance floor. Dancing is a great cardio workout, so move and groove to your heart’s content. Feel the music while working up a sweat because, with dancing, you take the hard work out of a workout since it’s super fun.

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