Tech Meets Tailor: 4 Tips To Buying Suits Online

The clothing industry has shifted from having traditional shops to online clothing stores. So, instead of going to a tailor or a particular clothing shop to buy your suit, you have an option to purchase your desired suit from them online. However, buying online can be challenging as you’re not entirely sure if the style, fit, or quality of the suit you wish to purchase will match your expectations, especially if it’s your first time buying from an online clothing store.

But the good news is that, there are well-established online retail outlets where you can buy your made-to-measure suits from. If you’re interested, you can learn more here to know the trusted online stores for custom suits. Also, consider reading the tips below to get the precise style, fit, and quality you want and avoid inconveniences when buying your suits online.

Tips To Buying Suits Online


1 Know Your Measurements

Your measurements are the primary things you should keep in mind when buying a suit online. And the most convenient way to determine the measurements of your chest and waist is by measuring your existing garments that you’re still comfortable wearing. This way, you’ll ensure you’re buying a suit that will fit your body well.

On the flip side, to measure your suit by measuring yourself for the best fitting, you can start by measuring your chest with a measuring tape—going from one armpit to the other as you wrap it around your torso as if you’re holding a towel. The numbers on the front of the tape are the ones you should take note of.

After the chest, proceed to measure your waist by wrapping the measuring tape around the part of your body where your belt typically rests. Also, make sure to give a two-finger distance while measuring the waist so that your legs can keep their comfort level.

2 Know Your Fit

Picking the best suitable one depends on your body shape, which is why taking measurements is crucial when purchasing suits online.

Furthermore, it’s worth remembering that you have three options for your suit’s fit. These are Classic Fit, Slim Fit, and Modern Fit. Regarding the Classic Fit, traditional gentlemen usually prefer this style. Others consider this a power suit because it’s the most appropriate for men with oversized frames and is the style those who work in the corporate world usually go for.

As for the Slim Fit, stylish and trendy gentlemen usually prefer this style as this suit sits close to your body with features like lapel and leg openings. It’s also worth noting that the blazer length of slim fit can be shorter than other styles, making your body look taller. So, it would be best to pick this style if you have a small body and a lighter build.

In addition, when it comes to Modern Fit, this style is best suitable for gentlemen who have an athletic body. This modern fit suit takes some features of the slim fit cut and includes a little space for breathability. Although the shoulders are narrower than classic fit suits, the armholes of modern fit suits are higher than slim fit suits.

3 Learn The Details

You could tell that it’s a good suit when it blends with the natural lines of your body regardless of whether you’re big or skinny. But to ensure you get the exact item you want to buy, learning the essential elements of the suit is worth considering. It’s because knowing the details about the suit’s features—like the types of pockets, lapels, and construction details—can help you better transform the overall quality and look of your ideal suit.

Accordingly, when it comes to the types of pockets, consider reading further about patch pocket, barchetta pocket, jetted pocket, ticket pocket, and flap pocket. In addition to that, you may also consider reading further about the types of lapels. These include peak lapel, notch lapel, and shawl lapel. Also, apart from pockets and lapels, it would be best to learn about the construction details of suits, such as canvassing, lining, and side tabs.

Tips To Buying Suits Online

4 Prepare For Alterations Or Suit Replacement

The thought of getting your suits altered by a tailor after your suit arrives is another thing that’s worth keeping in mind. The truth of the matter is, although you take your measurements right, it’s still possible that you’ll need some alterations done after buying your suits online. So, make sure you’ve already found a good tailor to get the necessary alterations done.

However, there are instances where a tailor can’t alter the particular areas of a suit easily. These include the collar and the shoulders. So, if these parts don’t fit well, it would be best to simply contact the seller and send it back to them so you can try a different size.

That said, it’s also worth noting to always read the return policies of a particular website. Doing so will help you avoid buying from a website that’s not accommodative of your needs as a customer.


There are a few things you need to consider when shopping online. Accordingly, buying your suits from a trusted online clothing store must be one of your topmost considerations. Once you’ve figured out which website you want to purchase from, you can use the tips mentioned above to help get the exact elements of the suits you desire.

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