Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

If your children have watched Cinderella then they need to watch Ella Enchanted to make sure they understand the real lesson here. The real lesson in life, practically and logically speaking, is not that the sweetest, most shrinkable, and well-behaved little woman gets the rich, fancy guy in the end.

The real lesson is that no matter what you control your own life. No matter if someone puts a very strong spell on you, you can always break out of it. No one and I mean-no one-can ever control you without your consent.

Even if you feel like you had no choice in the matter, you always have a choice, you can always choose to be a better person. You can always break out of it. The only shackles that imprison you, exist in your mind.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

Once you make up your mind to break out of them, no prison in the world can keep you trapped. That is the lesson your children need to learn. To be their own heroes instead of waiting for a prince charming or a princess charming to rescue them from the world.

With this in mind, children must consume the right kind of content for them to develop healthy belief systems.

As a concerned parent, once you realize that every single bit of information that goes into the minds of your children, whether consciously or not, shapes their thoughts, beliefs, and actions, it is pertinent that you would want to monitor, control, and limit young children’s access to certain kinds of media and you would be right.

Listed below, are our top picks of parental control apps that enable and assist you in doing so:


With the best online user feedback and exclusive international media coverage, FamilyTime parental control app is by far the best parental control app we have come across so far. Not only is there a free trial version of the app available on App Store and Google Play, but also there are exclusive premium packages that are super economic and offer full access from more than one parent device on up to 5 child devices.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

This app lets you track and monitor locations, get history, and send alerts when geofenced locations are retired from. It also allows for ‘pick-me-up’ alerts for toddlers and tweens as well as offers teen safe drive options.


This is the next best parental control app on our list. It lets parents set per day usage limit on every single app. Pretty dope, right? Just like back when our parents used to let us play games on the desktop for an hour each day and sometimes two if we had been really good kids. Well, good news!

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

Now you can use the same reinforcement for your children and at the same time make sure they spend less time playing online and more offline. Not only that but this parental control app also allows for bedtimes, time outs and even usage limit extensions per app per device.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is available for almost all iOS devices as well as for windows software. There are both free-to-use as well as premium versions of this app available on Appstore.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

Kaspersky offers safe search, web filters, and screen time restrictions. It also allows for an age restriction on certain content as well as category filters or keyword-based content blocking, much like FamilyTime. Furthermore, it permits battery tracking of children’s devices as well as sends alerts if an attempt is made to access a restricted website.


This one is an all-for-one app that is available on and compatible with pretty much all of the electronic devices and device operating softwares.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android to Protect Teens

This parental control app allows for app blocking, site blocking, and content filtering.

The only drawback is that features such as chat monitoring, SMS alerts, and social media app usage statistics as well as controls are only available in the paid versions of the app.

The Bottom Line

No matter which parental control app you use or find the most suitable according to the needs of your home and family space, make sure that the content consumed by your children is not feeding them false morals or teaching them to idealize superficial standards of beauty or goodness.

Make sure that your children are not hostage to the age-old idea of how women should be, drenched in the toxic, dated standards of masculinity and female oppression. Make sure that their idea of religion or politics does not stand at the shoulders of patriarchal racism, colorism, oppression of minorities, or unbridled hatred towards a particular sect.

Provide your children with freedom. Teach them the difference between right and wrong and then let them choose their path.

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