Top Tips on Picking Trendy Evening Gowns

Finding the perfect evening gown is no easy task. With a whole world of options out there, different events and, of course, your tastes and preferences, it can become a bit of a struggle to land that dress you’ve been dreaming of – but it doesn’t have to be! With these tips and tricks on your side, you’ll find your way to that perfect fit in a few quick clicks! Keep reading to decode dress shopping forever…

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Fit first

Before anything, you need to focus on fit. This lays the groundwork for an amazing look, no matter where you’re headed or how you choose to style yourself. Grab your measuring tape and note down your dimensions so that you always have your unique proportions handy. This comes in extra useful when you are shopping online. You can also take stock of the cuts and fits you already have in your wardrobe – this gives you a great idea of what you already love and feel confident in.

Determine the dress code

Next, the dress code. You could find a dress that you love, but if it doesn’t work for the event that you are shopping for then it simply won’t fit the bill. Take a look at your invite, it might have details about the formality factor of the occasion and this can guide your shopping – if not, why not reach out and ask the host? Once you know just how dressed up you need to get, you can filter your browsing and get yourself to the perfect style all the sooner.

Get inspired

You’ve done the hard part, now it’s time to focus on the fun. Take a look online, at your socials or in magazines to spark your styling inspiration. There are so many evening dresses out there, from the bold and bright to the glittering cuts and the classically chic. Decide what space you want to play in and, again, use this to streamline your shopping. Work smarter, not harder.

Stay true to you

Don’t forget that the evening dress that is perfect for you is the one that you feel your best in. Trends are great, but they do come and go. Instead of striving to hit the most-of-the-moment look perfectly, think about what suits your personality, preferences and colouring best! This will lead you to a gown that blends perfectly with who you are – it’s not about the dress, it’s about the woman wearing it!

Try, try and try again

Don’t forget to have an open mind when you are shopping for your evening gown. Dive into different looks, trends and fits to find your way to something that feels like you. Trying different styles is a great way to expand your horizons and feel your most fresh and best at your next event.

Now that you’re a pro in dress perfection – it’s time to get hunting! Start exploring evening dresses to steal the scene at your next big event.

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