Vaping Fashion 101: 10 Stylish Ways To Accessorize With Vape

With more people vaping, different vape kits have been made to suit all kinds of needs. It’s similar to how so many flavors are now available in the market so that customers can try them out and choose their favorites.

But aside from being an e-cigarette, it could also be used as an accessory. Think of it like how you would change the casing of your phone to match your mood or style. If this sounds like something you want to get into, here are some ways to do it.

Vaping Fashion
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1 Pick The Right Vape Kit

When shopping for a vaporizer, there are different tips and tricks that could help you decide. Considering the practicality, price, and features are some of the most important things to look out for. However, if the style is important to you, aesthetics would also be something that could help you decide.

Take your time to look for a vape kit from, other brands, or shops so that you could come up with a list of your top picks. There are several types like vape pens or mods offered online or in physical stores. A vape pen is sleeker and more compact, but a mod will allow you to customize your device.

These vape kits already have a specific design, some flashier, while others have a more minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, one model can have different colors and patterns that you could choose from, so you could match your personality perfectly. You can consider buying mighty vaporizer as well.

2 Have Multiple Vape Kits

Picking a pen-type or a vape mod could be sufficient for your everyday use, but having both would provide you more flexibility. Having a vape pen is great for its portability because you could just slip it into your pocket or bag without taking up too much space.

At home, you could have a mod, which is usually larger and heavier. But either way, you could still take them with you outside if you don’t mind the extra bulk and weight. Still, if you want to remain discreet while you vape, a pen-type would be ideal.

If you are travelling and you want to buy some vape, you can check some vapes online in canada.

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3 Organize With Vape Cases

Whether you’re going out or staying home, storing your vape kit, juices, and accessories in one case is an excellent way to keep them safe and organized. There are all kinds of storage options that you could choose from, such as boxes and pouches.

A pouch is a great way to store your vaporizer when you leave home. They come in all shapes and sizes, designs, and materials. Having different cases will give you more choices that could pair with all kinds of styles.

4 Mix And Match with Silicone Cases

Another way you can protect your device is to use a silicone case. But not all models and brands will have silicone cases available since vape kits come in different shapes and sizes. If yours has silicone cases available, it will allow you to change up its look and color just by switching cases.

Vaping Fashion

5 Use Straps and Chains

The next practical accessory you could use to carry around your vape safely and stylishly are straps and chains. There are ones that you could wear around your neck or wrist. There are different straps you could use, such as cloth or chains. Either way, they usually come in so many styles for you to mix and match.

6 Replace The Drip Tip

If you have a vape mod or plan to purchase one, you could add more color and bling by replacing the drip tip. There are resin ones that come in different patterns and shades. It’s also a great way to keep it sanitary. Switching out the drip tip regularly will help you keep your device clean while making your device more fun.

7 Order Personalized Vape Kits

To take things up a notch, getting personalized vape kits to specifically suit your style and needs is also possible. You could request to have different features and a unique casing and color that you want to have.

For instance, some custom-made vaporizers from Dampfi E-Zigaretten are steam punk-inspired or have a superhero theme. As long as you find a great customizer to make it for you, you could make the vape kit of your dreams.

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8 Select Vape Kit Sticker Decals

Just like silicone cases, there are also stickers that you could use to change up the color or design of your vape kit. But in comparison, it’s not as protective as a casing, but it does provide you with more choices to switch up the looks of your vape kit.

Some are chrome, flower-patterned, or marble. There are all kinds of designs to try out, but it’s essential to look for suitable stickers for your vape model. But one thing to remember is to install it on your device carefully so that it ends up perfect and not wonky.

9 Go On Long Trips with Travel Bags

When traveling, bringing your vaporizer might be necessary, especially if you’re on the road to quitting cigarettes. But simply putting them in a bag might not be protective enough. Plus, they’re not all designed to secure your vape kit and accessories.

A decent travel bag will have padding and some compartments to help you store your vape paraphernalia safely. This way, you can carry them with you or keep them properly with the rest of your luggage.

10 Protect The Tank with a Vape Band

A simple way to add a simple pop of color to your mod is to use a vape band. These are usually rubberized rings that you could securely wrap around the tank to protect it and keep it from breaking. Since tanks are generally made from glass, dropping your vape could shatter it and get the juice everywhere, which could damage the device.


While vaping is popular for its different purposes, it’s also used to accessorize because it’s fun to play around with its look and finishes. Looking fashionable isn’t about your clothing, footwear, and hair. It’s also coordinating an entire look with all the items you have with you. So, if you enjoy vaping, switching it up with stickers, cases, and vape bands could help you match your outfit or personality.

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