What Is E-liquid and How Do You Use It?

E-liquid is also known as e-juice, vape juice, or vape liquid. It is the substance that is inserted into the vape pen which lends flavor and nicotine to its favor. The presence of nicotine depends on whether the vaper uses nicotine when vaping. Once the vape pen is used, the battery gives energy which will heat the e-liquid making it into a smooth vapor when it is inhaled. E-liquids let vapers experiment with various flavors, giving a choice between non-nicotine e-liquids and those with varying nicotine strengths.

e-juice or e-liquid for vaping

What can you find in an e-juice?

An e-liquid or e-juice has three major components, which are propylene glycol (or PG for short), vegetable glycerin (VG), and flavoring. Nicotine is optional. You can vape whether the e-liquid has nicotine or not.

PG is the odorless liquid that carries the flavor of vape juice. It is also responsible for the throat hit that is similar to smoking cigarettes. VG is a thick yet sweet liquid that does vapor production. This makes the inhale smoother. The flavoring varies due to the massive flavor options that you can try such as menthol, fruit, tobacco, and other desserts. The other ingredient is nicotine which is an addictive substance that can be found in cigarettes. More often, smokers who switch to vaping as a smoking cessation tool prefer to have some nicotine.

How should one choose an e-juice flavor?

When it comes to choosing the e-juice flavor, it all boils down to individual preference since there are hundreds of vape juice flavors and brands available. Traditionally, vapers start with tobacco or menthol e-liquid when they are trying to quit smoking since this gives them the same taste and feel as tobacco cigarettes. However, more vapers are now starting with various flavors from dessert to fruity flavors.

What happens to the e-juice when I vape?

E-juice is an aerosol and not steam. When it is used appropriately, it breaks down into water whose vapor you will inhale and carbon dioxide which will be exhaled as a usual respiratory function. The vaper can be warm or quite cool. This depends on the setting of the vape device you are using. But one thing is sure. It will not be hot as the smoke that comes from a tobacco cigarette.

Does the e-liquid go stale or expire?

When a bottle of e-juice is opened, air can settle in and start to oxidize the substance. However, it is a slow process. It’s fine to store the opened e-juice. You can simply close the bottle’s lid and store it in a place that is far from heat and light. Usually, it’s the vape juice with nicotine that degrades faster than flavors that are without it. These e-liquids often just become darker in color and a bit sweet.

How can I use the e-liquid properly?

First off, just open the bottle of vape juice. Unscrew the cap of the bottle. Proceed to add approximately 20 drops to a new atomizer or cartomizer. Make sure that no liquid gets into the center of the tube. It must only hit the atomizer’s wall. Allow the tip of the atomizer or cartomizer to be set for 1 to 2 minutes. When using the e-liquid with your vape device, make sure to charge your electronic cigarette. If you are using it for the first time, charge the device for 10 hours first. For succeeding charges, you will only need 2 to 4 hours. Assemble the entire vaping device. Most devices have the same elements. Press the button or switch of the electronic cigarette you will use. Inhale from the mouthpiece, and this will activate the atomizer. The e-juice will begin to heat up. You may then start to draw from the cartridge for you to breathe its vapor. Smoke from your e-cigarette the same way you would with a normal cigarette.

What important information should you know about e-liquids?

E-liquid products may not be labeled properly or labeled at all. You must not forget that nicotine is a poison. When this is swallowed, this may cause illness and in some cases even death. Children and pets may be poisoned when they swallow an e-liquid. E-cig components and e-juice capsules are also considered choking hazards for younger children. This is why all of these have to be properly stored.

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