What To Pack for a Summer Bike Ride by the Beach

Are you looking forward to heading to the beach this summer for a free-wheelin’ ride on your fat tire beach cruiser bike? Sunburns, bee stings and accidents are a few of the events that can derail your plans, so don’t forget to prepare for your protection and comfort. Here are five essentials to pack before you hit the beachfront trail.

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1. Sun Protection

If you’re headed off for a beach ride in the height of summer, sun protection is the key to your comfort. Opt for a sunblock with a sun protection factor of 30 or above, or wear clothing with built-in SPF. From lightweight hoodies and long-sleeve shirts to skorts, sleeves, gloves and hats, your SPF clothing options are vast. If you’re going out for a short ride, a regular baseball or brimmed hat or sun visor may be adequate coverage.

2. Eye Protection

Sunglasses are the obvious eyewear of choice. They reduce sunlight’s glare and offer protection against stiff ocean breezes, sand, dust and other airborne particulates. Whether you choose your everyday sunglasses or a pair of wraparound cycling glasses, you’ll be glad of the vision assist when the sun’s in your eyes or the wind kicks up.

3. Water and Snacks

Hydrate as you go! Even when you’re gliding along a flat beach biking trail on your beach cruiser electric bike, your body is at work to keep you cool. Replenish your body with regular water breaks. Adding a snack stop to your beach ride is a good idea, too, especially if kids are part of your group. A well-timed handful of trail mix or a piece of fruit can provide you and your fellow riders with the energy to go the distance.

4. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit helps you deal with a host of unexpected events. Buy a ready-to-go box from a high street drugstore or build a customized summer kit. Antiseptic wipes, aspirin, Band-Aids, bandages and cool packs are great starting points. In addition to these standard first aid items, consider throwing in insect repellent, sunblock, nail scissors and tweezers.

5. Patch Kit and Pump

Whether your preferred ride is a hybrid cruiser women’s bike or a 7-speed unisex tricycle, a punctured tire is always a risk on the beachside and other trails. A simple patch kit and pump serve you well if spiky shrubbery or trail debris causes damage. Along with levers and a wrench, some riders also pack a self-healing inner tube in case a puncture is unrepairable.

To learn more about these and other essentials to add to your pack list, visit reputable bike stores or retailers in person or online. Bike industry experts can advise you on the best products for your needs and destination. New gadgets and items like GPS systems, phone and water bottle holders, and child seats frequently hit the market, making shopping even more fun! You can also query the experts on the best baskets, panniers or racks with which to tote your essentials.

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