What is all the Hype about E-Cigs – Here is all You need to Know

Have you ever wondered about all the hype surrounding E-Cigs? Today teens and young adults turn to E-cigs for a powerful vaping experience. E-cigs are also available in disposable versions, which increases their popularity. Electronic cigarettes are considered convenient vaping gadgets that allow for a juicy experience. The inbuilt automatic-draw mechanism of the E-Cigs enables the consumer to vape whenever and wherever they want without worrying about charging their device. That said, there are plenty of more reasons that vapes and E-Cigs are hyped by our younger generations. Read on to learn more and feel the hype for yourself.

all the Hype about E-Cigs

 High-Quality Flavors

You can find many brands selling their E-Cigarettes in the markets and online stores. Besides the typical tobacco and mint flavor, you can enjoy various amazing flavor mixes, such as peach green tea, gummy bear, black mamba, and even banana nut bread. If you have a liking for citrus flavors, you will find plenty of these available in the markets. For instance, the frozen lime drop flavor includes a touch of menthol to keep things cool. The variety of fruity mixtures are an innovative stance and establish distinctiveness by exhibiting a unique vaping experience. This is why vapers love to combine two exquisite fruits into one tasty E-Cigarette liquid juice. Following this hype, many youngsters are lured into purchasing the enticing fruity infusions in bulk.

Convenient Vape Gadgets

The disposable version of the E-Cigs is of utmost popular with vapers who have a very active lifestyle. The casualty yet the classy attitude of having a vape on-the-go makes these gadgets very popular. Despite the simplicity of the E-Cigs, these devices have amazing features. For instance, they come with a fully-charged battery that can be used right out of the box. The best part about the disposable vaping devices is that one doesn’t have to carry additional items, such as the e-liquid pods and chargers. You can have a vaping session while you are on the go anytime and anywhere. After 150 to 400 puffs, you can toss away the disposable E-Cigs without having to worry about storing them out properly. Another amazing and useful feature of the disposable E-Cigs is that these include a protective and durable rubber cap. Suppose that you bring in a second device for transitioning throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about accidental spillage as everything will be safeguarded with the rubber cap.

all the Hype about E-Cigs

 The Use of Salt-Nicotine

The disposable E-Cigs are beneficial to those trying to quit smoking but afraid to go cold turkey. The liquid (juice) in the E-Cigs includes salt-nicotine. This version of nicotine is a more natural and essentially stable form of nicotine that vaporizes at a lower temperature than conventional cigarettes. The fell of inhaling the flavor and exhaling clouds of salt nicotine vape products is sufficiently intense. Therefore, ex-smokers or the people trying to quit smoking get naturally attracted to the E-Cigs since they are struggling to make the switch. It is important to note that, similar to cigarettes, most E-Cigarettes still deliver nicotine. The percentage is certainly lower. However, nicotine is still present. If your aim is to quit smoking completely and then transition to E-Cigs, it might only benefit you temporarily. This is because it will always satisfy your nicotine cravings. However, your long term goal should be to quit nicotine fully to have a healthier and better lifestyle.

Final thoughts…

Now you know what the hype is all about E-Cigs and the amazing range of flavor infusions that they offer. The disposable E-Cigs have gained worldwide popularity because they are easy to use and can be discarded anytime. One doesn’t have to worry about getting the vaping device charged as the disposable E-Cigs are pre-charged and you can use them straight from the box.

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