Fashionable Interior Design of Apartments in 2020

The trendy interior design of apartments in 2020 is an inspiration for delightful luxury and glamor. Designers recognize that last year’s Scandinavian style with minimalism in detail and a gray color scheme is no longer relevant in the interior. At the beginning of the year, it was replaced by a bright floral palette. Expressive materials for textiles and home accessories create an exclusive style.

We often hear about fashion design, but do we know what it is? This term was invented by the best architects, artists, and luxury collectors. It enters our homes, offices, shops, even household items or furniture for bars and restaurants. The answer to all this is clear, the need for designing and creating design objects is growing.

Fashionable Interior Design of Apartments

The concept of the modern direction connects a couple of genres in one apartment. It is no coincidence that fashionable interior design is based precisely on a project of inspiration for an idea. It becomes an exquisite decoration of the surroundings and should prevail over the classics. Carpets, fabrics, and wallpapers are trendy again not only in homes but also in offices, shops, bars and restaurants that like to surprise their customers with coziness.

Color Trends in the Interior of the Apartment

Blue-green tones will be available this year in the most popular color palette. If you don’t want to experiment in an apartment with ultraviolet and pink compositions, green shades are ideal. The fashionable interior design of apartments is mainly performed in pastel colors. The Renaissance creates positive feelings of solitude with nature.

Natural Touch in the Home Interior

Interior designers will try to keep a person close to nature. In particular, it is worth embodying the presence of plants on the floor and windows in each room. Natural building materials and implementation of the design project in harmony with nature are welcome. The main design elements: natural clay, wood, and stone.

Fashionable Interior Design of Apartments
Black and white geometric carpet in multifuncional workspace with painting on wall above desk

In furniture and decorative elements, there is a tendency to fill in the room with different metals like copper, silver, bronze, brass, steel, and others. Such nuances are likely to be noticed only by experts but they will clearly demonstrate the talent of the master who has embodied new trends in the home environment. Combined geometric, black and white patterns prevail in home textiles. This trend of exclusive ideas involves the use of black and white style interpretations.

• Modern ideas of ergonomics and functionality

• A sophisticated combination of white with black colors

• The harmonious design of rooms with contrasting textiles

The Combination of Bronze and Silver in the Interior

These days, customers like to give a trendy, modern look to their home interiors using metal and wood. It can be decorated with various types of furniture, accessories, textiles, and flowers.

• Fashionable interior design brings a more effective accent to the luxurious shapes of the living area

• The living room is the place where we spend the most precious time at home with friends and family

• Designing this space in an attractive way is very important

• A luxurious bathroom has its own specific signs or attributes that make it a bohemian and romantic room

Most customers spend more time and money to decorate a bedroom when compared to other rooms.

Fashionable Interior Design of Apartments

Exclusive Decorative Finishes

Decorative solutions for ceiling combinations suggest a decrease in the popularity of classic white ceilings. Original curly ceilings are beginning to appear at leading interior designers. Probably, with the splendor of the design of drywall constructions, they will surpass even the walls.

The fashionable interior design of apartments in 2020 is surrounded by exquisite ceramic products and natural materials such as marble, quartz, granite and other stone with the addition of decorative elements. The widespread use of natural stone is mainly associated with the design of the walls. Marble flooring can decorate any apartment. In recent years, there has been a significant return of decorative finishing materials. The truly massive use of wallpaper and carpets gives the interior a warm atmosphere.

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