Hot, Inspiring Decorating Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2020

Decorating Interior 2020

The upcoming year is bringing the start of a new decade and with it a new cycle of decorative energy that every new home should be surrounded with. When it comes to interior design, a couple of new ideas will be implemented, according to interior designers. The focus will be on attracting positive energies and containing them in the room with a purpose to create a new-level type of comfort experience. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for 2020.

Decluttered Simplicity

Decorating Interior 2020

The Scandinavian style, with its grey palette of colours, was number 1 for 2019. However, the new year will see an evolved type of this simple design, putting the accent on the white organized and decluttered structure of the room. All the elements should be in warmer colors with white as the primary force so that the room can become a place for rejuvenation and regeneration. The need for striping it all away comes from the need to become more sustainable than ever due to the constant threats of the unstoppable destroying of the planet.

According to Virtual Staging Plans this trend can be applied in kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms where the style needs to be simple and understated. The pieces of furniture should not conquer the room. Instead, they should be functional to the same extent as they are decorative. It should all revolve around the minimalistic approach with unfinished and unrefined touches.

Warm and Powerful Belongings

Decorating Interior 2020

Another very powerful trend that will up the wool game in the living room and bedroom. Layers of comforting cushions, knits, blanket throws of wool, and faux furs will be the accent pieces in 2020. These kinds of textiles were already popular with the Scandinavian and the contemporary interior design; however, the next year will make them the focal point of the room.

When it comes to the colour of these comforting pieces, cool blues, warmer pinks, and chocolate browns will be the most popular. Of course, grey is always in, so a mix of it with the others mentioned will be a hit.

Regarding the bedding, the most popular decorative details will fringes, tassels and trims, and quilts made from washed lines and tactile weaves will be the top choice. With this trend, the room will become a room with a character and will give off homey vibes to anyone who sets foot in it. It will be a perfect place made up of vintages touches in combination with modern throws.

Glamorous Bursts of Colour

Decorating Interior 2020

For the bolder people out there, and those who enjoy a little bit of drama in their everyday life, there is a particular trend in interior design the next 2020. It is the confident and sassy take on the burst of colors but done in a glamorous way. It is a trend that will combine the sophisticated elegance of the 30s and the sexy, luxurious style of the 70s.

Rich tones will be bursting everywhere in the room, especially the royal blue or ruby hues along with some metallic touches that will come in shape of a golden, copper, brass, or bronze elements. This trend will be an excellent way to make a statement with your pick of style. Hence, choosing decorative elements with the same level of power is necessary for the concept to be complete — for example, a lush cocktail trolley, an abstract art wallpaper, or plush textiles for seating arrangements.

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