The Popularity Of Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

The proper selection of benchtops for your kitchen will give your space a new dimension. The kitchen is the most definitive communal space in a home that brings everyone together, and thus it needs to look top-class. Although people also use concrete, metal, timber, and laminated benchtops, presently, in Melbourne, the rage is all about using Stone. Choose a company to get both aesthetic and functional design with respect to your kitchen renovation.

The Popularity Of Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

What Are The Benefits Of Stone Benchtops In Melbourne?

• Quality: A kitchen is one of the most important and extensively used rooms in the kitchen. Hence, it would be a wise choice to invest in your kitchen, making it more glamorous.

• Aesthetics: Stone benchtops in Melbourne come in different shapes, textures, designs, colours, shades, and sizes and are visually very pleasing and aesthetic. It often marks a sign of elegance — different stones like Essa Stone, Q-Stone, Quartz, marble, granite, Caesarstone, etc.

Longevity: Stone has heat resistant and waterproof properties that make it long-lasting. Stones may appear expensive, but it is a one time and smart investment. A benchtop made out of Stone is always preferable over a laminex one since the latter is prone to degradation over time and scratches, heat, and cuts. Moreover, the stone benchtops melbourne will allow you to keep hot items on it without damaging it.



• Low Maintenance: Stones are not only one of the most beautiful and most durable materials but are also resilient to scuffs, scratches, and stains. Their scanty porous properties also make cleaning easy and hence are extremely useful for those with tight work schedules with hardly any time left for cleaning after cooking.

• Easy Installation: Installing stone benchtops Melbourne is hassle-free as they are designed to order. You can simply customize the designs by choosing selective colors for the slab’s stones, or by including any two colors in contrast.

Types Of Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

The Popularity Of Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

1. Natural Stone: Quartz and travertine stones have taken thousands and thousands of years to form and hence come in a variety of shades, colours, and textures, and no two pieces are alike. You can check the online reviews of kitchen renovation companies and go for contemporary styles that allow you to have more space in the kitchen. High gloss, lacquer, metallic and semi-metallic colors can be experimented with.

2. Porcelain: To make porcelain, natural raw materials are put through a sophisticated blend using enormous pressure and high temperatures. Also referred to as ceramics that have achieved a hard glass-like texture, the objective is to create a virtually nonporous material. They are available in slabs as slim as 3mm to 3mx1m.

3. Engineered Stone: A natural mineral is put to use to make an engineered stone benchtop. It has high strength and low porosity that makes it resistant to scratches and chipping off. It is one of the most common purchase options for its reasonable price and practicality. Taps, sink and boiler water taps can also be installed to give more accuracy and better fitting to the kitchen components.

4. Ultra-Compact: A highly accelerated process that resembles natural rock metamorphosis under high temperature and pressure over thousands of years are used to design ultra-compact stone benchtops in Melbourne. Ultra-compact bench tops exhibit zero porosity. The superbly hard-wearing piece is resistant to extreme temperatures and perfectly suited to high-traffic areas. The ultra-compact surface lacks micro-defects, which would otherwise make it weak. 

Before you choose a stone for your kitchen benchtop, make sure it sings well along with the other features of the house as the colour, theme, etc. for sufficient contrast. So, choose the best stone benchtops Melbourne to decorate your old kitchen into the modern one.

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