Interior Trends in 2020: How to Lighten Up your Home

New year, new home interior is not a saying you would hear often. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that almost no one can afford to renovate their home each year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t lighten up and make your home trendier by doing a few interior tweaks. To help you out and to inspire you, we’ve built out a small list of ideas of how to brighten up your home, based on potential upcoming trends in interior design.

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Monochrome is Still the Way to Go

If you already haven’t, make sure to start coloring up your interior in monochromatic patterns. Becoming trendier due to the entry of minimalism into the cultural zeitgeist, monochrome is a nice way to keep things in your home elegant, yet homey. Ensuring that your sofas match the patterns of your floors and walls is a must. You already have? Well prepare your interior design cover letter as you probably have an eye for things.

Statement Chairs

Whether it’s because we are used to spending a lot of time on our phones, or because reading books is a returning hit, having a statement chair in your living room is a must. Something curvy, yet comfortable is the way to go.

Everything Eco

The recycled trends that started growing in the 2010s are still going strong in the beginning of 2020 and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With that in mind knowing the origin of your furniture or having furniture and center pieces made from recycled materials will blow up your “trendy” interior meter.

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Empowered Cultural Pieces

Having an interior piece that helps define your persona is always a must. Whether simply out of interest, or because of your ethnicity, having authentic cultural pieces will make your home shine. Even a small poster taken out of one of the many amazing Indian epics can serve as a conversation starter.

Interior Recording Spaces

Whether you have influencer ambitions or not, ensuring that your interior can have multiple home recording spaces is a must. For example, your kids might be looking to get twitch followers and they certainly wouldn’t be able to do so, unless they have a dedicated recording space. Granted, everything you need to do is just ensure that your interior is looking and kept awesome and you have the space to record.

Creative Disruptions and Art

The new decade is also coming with a new wave of disruptive art. Just a few weeks ago, a banana taped to the wall became the most talked about art piece online. This is for a reason. People are looking more and more into items that disrupt the usual norms and the way we think of the items we have around us. With that said, even if you don’t have the money to spend on an art piece, a couch cushion put on the wall might be just as beautiful and as interesting, if it fits the overall interior. Make sure to think outside of the box and most of all, make sure to feel comfortable in the interior you create. Because, unlike the photos of beautiful artistic interior, the one you build in your home should reflect you as you will be living it up daily.


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