5 Apps That Everyone Can Use

Apps can make your life easier. Computer applications, which are actually strings of coded information much like the full-blown programs that run entire digital networks, have the ability to simplify your life. How? By acting as mini-robots that do otherwise rote, boring, mentally difficult chores instantaneously. Want to know if you are suffering from a common illness? Use a symptom checking app. Or if you need to figure out how much to borrow for school, decide on a savings plan, learn a new language, or simply locate your friend in a crowded mall, an application can get the job done quickly and seamlessly. That means you have more time to focus on more important life tasks, like playing video games and talking on the phone.

5 Apps
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Computer code in the form of applications has transformed modern life. Back in the 1970’s, there was a similar tech revolution, and it resulted from a single piece of gadgetry similar to modern day apps, which was the handheld calculator. When you stop to think how much those little machines changed our lives, it’s easier to comprehend the massive scale of today’s digital change. Here’s a look at some of the handiest members of the current digital family of apps that have the power to free up your time and help you take care of some rather serious business.

Symptom Checkers

These clever little gizmos often include what tech manufacturers call wearables, or devices like wrist and ankle bands that send data about your blood pressure, respiration rate, and heart rate to a distant processor that gives you real-time medical feedback. You can find out whether you are about to come down with the flu, have a cold, or are entering into a dangerously high area of blood pressure. The goal is to arm you with accurate physiological data so you can know that general state of your health.

5 Apps student loan
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Student Loan Calculators

If you’re planning to attend college or grad school and intend to borrow money to do so, it’s important to know what your monthly payments on a student loan will be. How can you find out? Use one of the many online education loan calculators, to see what the future looks like. Input the amount you plan to borrow, the interest rate you’ll be paying, and the payback period. The calculator will show you exactly what your new monthly payment will be. The cool thing about these programs is that you can tinker with the input data to see various scenarios based on interest rates and other terms.



A loan calculator is a smart way to preview the potential savings from refinancing student loans. You won’t have to guess how much money you’ll be saving, or what your new monthly payment will be when you use one of these handy little calculators. Note that some are downloadable to your own device while others are accessible only in online, cloud-based formats.

Location Trackers

When you download a location tracker to your phone and to a friend’s phone, the two of you will be able to find each other in a crowded concert venue, shopping mall, airport, or anywhere else. You have the power to enable or disable the function at any time, but it sure does come in handy when you and a friend or significant other don’t want to lose each other while attending an event or while traveling.

5 Apps
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Savings Assistants

A savings assistant is like a little alarm clock that help you save money. You can set simple or sophisticated features like weekly reminders to put cash into an account, or you can set it up to deduct a fixed amount of each paycheck and place that money into a designated savings account. The beauty of the assistant is that you can configure it to work invisibly. Think of it as a DIY payroll savings plan, but one where you call all the shots and can change the parameters whenever you want.

Flashcard Generators

Want to learn a few words of Japanese before that big trip to Tokyo? What about learning all the important legal cases that dealt with consumer safety between 1900 and 2000? Whatever you want to bone up on, a flashcard generator can help you get the job done. Available for free at hundreds of websites, this tool can teach you any number of things on thousands of different topics.

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