What Are the Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Services in London?

It does not matter the type of business; each business deserves to have its own customized cleaning experience. Every building has its own distinctive layout and is constructed with materials that require different cleaning methods and approaches. Does the commercial cleaning service you are currently using in London provides all the services your commercial space needs to stay clean? Or, does the cleaning company like JCD offer the exact same services each time?

Depending on the needs of the building, the owner, the occupants and visitors, there are various types of commercial cleaning services that you can choose for your workplace in London.

commercial cleaning services in London
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Environmentally (Green) Cleaning

This is a type of cleaning service that is offered to clients who want a healthier work environment and offers several benefits for employees, the buildings, and the environment.

Green commercial cleaning reduces the amount of chemicals that is used to clean the building. Harsh cleaning chemicals can fill the air with dangerous materials and compounds that can negatively affect human health.

By choosing green cleaning for your commercial building, not only will you notice a decrease in your company’s water bill, you will also notice that your employees are taking fewer sick days.

Post-Emergency Cleaning

At some point in life, everyone must deal with an emergency. It is highly likely that your building will go through a crisis as well. Whether it is a natural disaster such as a flood or a manmade disaster such as vandalism and theft, emergencies in commercial buildings often leave behind a huge mess.

You could arrive to your London office building after an emergency and see that the carpet is covered in water or a vandal has broken into the building and left graffiti on the walls.

No matter what type of emergency you may face, you need to be sure that the commercial cleaning service you hire offers emergency response cleanup. Some of the services that are covered under this type of cleaning include:

– Vandalism

– Occupant accidents

– Water mitigation

– Weather-related damage

Tile and Carpet Cleaning

Most offices have carpet and tile flooring. While the tile is generally installed in areas such as the restrooms and break room areas, carpet acts as a sound barrier. Carpet helps to dampen noise from one workspace to another. This means that employees can stay productive and remain undisturbed by rolling chairs, music, or office meetings.

In addition, carpet can help to give the workplace a softer look and offer visitors and employees walking spaces that are comfortable and beneficial who may have to stand for a while and have health conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.


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Regular carpet cleaners leave residue on the carpet that shortens that carpets lifecycle by attaching to the carpet fibers and breaking them down. On the other hand, green commercial cleaners use carpet cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, do not break down the carpet fibers and leave your carpets with a comparable clean.

You want to be sure that the commercial cleaning service you hire uses carpet cleaning products that remove airborne irritants, mites and dust that remain trapped in the carpet with a traditional carpet cleaner.

Secure (Government) Cleaning

As with other types of commercial buildings, government buildings also get dirty and have to be cleaned. However, it can be challenging to find a commercial cleaning company that has a team of staff members that can be trusted to enter these high security areas.

It is important to find a secure commercial cleaning company if you need a government agency or an agency that stores highly classified information cleaned. Each member of the cleaning staff should be fully vetted and cleared with the appropriate comprehensive and stringent background checks that meet the federal requirements. In some cases, members of the cleaning staff must also have security clearance status.

Glass Cleaning

Glass offices are incredibly beautiful to look at. If your employees have a nice window view, it can be very satisfying to gaze out over London’s cityscape. The view is beautiful until employees and visitors start leaving their fingerprints all over the glass doors and windows.

Look for a commercial cleaning company that offers glass cleaning services as part of its standard services. This service will have the glass in your office sparkling and glistening in the sunlight, free of fingerprints and smudges. Professional glass cleaners understand the importance of leaving a streak-free shine that you and your employees can enjoy until the next scheduled cleaning.

After Construction Cleaning

When your office space is getting a facelift, it can be an exciting time around the office as everyone anticipates the new changes. As employees continue to work, even with the construction workers, leaving a mess behind, you may be wondering how you will ever get the office back to its pre-construction appearance.

Once the construction is over and the contractors have left, there is even more that has to be done before the office can look presentable. A commercial cleaning service that specializes in post-construction cleanup will be able to add a new shine and gleam to surfaces that may have gotten dirty during the renovations.

Every situation and commercial building is different. Whether your building has been vandalized, has flood damage or has recent renovations, find a commercial cleaning building that can customize their cleaning services to meet your building’s needs.

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