How to Travel with Cigars

If cigars are part of your lux, restful expeditions, you are going to want to have your favorites with you when you hit the road. Whether you are taking a weekend off to the country or a month-long trip across the globe, you’ll need the best travel humidor to keep your stogies fresh to enjoy them once you get to your destination.

It is much easier to take your cigars with you since the chances of getting your favorites out of town are minimal. On this note, you want to understand how to travel with cigars to retain flavor, smell, shape, and overall quality.

Here are tips for traveling with cigars you could borrow.

how to travel with cigars

Cigars are Highly Absorbent

Cigars react to moisture and temperature, meaning a slight change to the extremes can cause damage. Most cigars can withstand temperatures of up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of up to 70 %.

It can be challenging to maintain this on transit, but the damage may be reduced to the minimum if you pack the cigars correctly. The idea is to pack your cigars away from anything with a strong scent, such as your laundry bag, body products, etc.

Packing Your Cigars

Cigars are pretty fragile and are easily flattened if crashed in the corner of your suitcase. They quickly lose their cylindrical shape and do not spring back after unpacking. Therefore, you need a high-quality cigar case with adequate compartments to hold the number of cigars you intend to carry.

A cigar case will help maintain the shape of the cigars and prevent any smells from reaching your cigars. There are many different cases on the market, and you can find a suitable one depending on the number of cigars you want to carry.

You can choose pocket versions if you only need a few cigars for your trip or choose heavy-duty travel humidors with airtight seals, multiple compartments, and foam liners. When choosing a suitable cigar case, consider the size and number of your cigars to ensure you have enough space to pack them safely.

Carry Your Cigars in Your Hand Luggage

It is best to pack your cigars in your hand luggage to minimize the chances of crushing your cigars. The best way to pack them in your hand luggage is to pack the case in a Ziploc bag with a proper seal to contain them safely.

Checked baggage is prone to temperature fluctuation during transit, which can significantly affect the quality of your cigars. Also, the atmospheric changes can cause bulking and contracting of the cigars, causing cracks and ultimately damaging the cigars’ quality.

Cigar cutters, on the other hand, should be in your checked baggage. Some cigars are allowed on board while some are not, so a good tip is to carry inexpensive or disposable ones that you can afford to part with.

These tips can come in handy when traveling with cigars, ensuring you enjoy your favorite in its full glory once you get to your destination.

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