Interview with man beauty photographer Florian Gimbert

Some people were always telling me that I will never be a photographer.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL II F Gimbert PRINTFlorian, what sparkled your interest in photography and when did you decide that it was what you were going to do? First I start as model, I loved the emotions who give a picture, then after a couple months I wanted more than to pose I want to create my own picture, so I decide to buy a camera and start as a photographer. I wanted to show man beauty more than fashion photography, man is my vision of beauty.

What type of photographer do you consider yourself? I’m not consider myself as fashion or fitness photographer, I consider myself as man beauty photographer first, I don’t want to be good in one thing, I love fashion, I love fitness, I love beauty shot.

In your opinion, what are the most difficult aspects of professional photography? The most difficult aspect is to make a simple portrait shot, it’s really complicated. When you have an artistic direction, you have complex lighting set up, a complicated make up etc. and you have a line to follow . When it’s only a simple portrait for family, for example, that is the most complicated for me.

What do you love the most about your job? What do you enjoy most photographing? In my job, I love to speak with my models. I love to know where they have started from, truly know who they are, to know all the potential they have, it’s really important. Photography is using light to create shape and make my models gorgeous, that is my vision.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL II F Gimbert PRINT2

Which would be the first three things you think about when you start shooting? I have a theme first, even if it’s underwear or naked. I have first a theme, then I create an artistic direction with pictures which inspire me, and after I choose my team.

What from your point of view makes the shoot successful? The shoot is a success when I have a good connection with my team, when I know my models through their soul, trust is the key.

Do you typically work with a team or run solo, could you explain the process? Could you describe a typical set-up for one of your conceptual shots? I prefer working with my model only, because it’s basic, it’s simple and the most complex thing in photography is to make it simple. I love using natural light. In south of France we have a very hard and strong sunlight to make gorgeous contrast on the skin and powerful colors. If it’s conceptual I use studio light with three set up lighting, using gels I love to create an atmosphere.

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Are you the sort of photographer who plans for every minuscule detail or are you more spontaneous with your creations? What makes a good photographer in your opinion? I plan before my shoot with pictures, clothes, make up etc. but during the session I let the model express himself. A good photographer is someone who knows the lights technic and knows exactly when he has to take the photo.

How do you stay inspired? Do you look to other photographers for inspiration, or does your inspiration come from other sources? I’m inspired by artists but by life in general, I love watching a big fashion photographer as An Le or Daniel Garcia here in France, I love his colors.

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Tell us more about your Photoshop tutorials. What inspired you to teach your techniques? Photoshop is a great software. I am learning retouching beauty pictures and take advices from photographers, then I create my own style. Photoshop is a great tool and for men we can do everything we want: kept the skin texture, the scars, give strength to colors etc. My Youtube channel: Florian Gimbert Photographe.

What project is held dearest to your heart and why? I love Ancient Greece, the myth of Icarus etc. It’s always in my mind, I love the Greece art.

Do you usually choose the models by yourself? Do you have any physical aesthetic preferences in the girls and boys you shoot? I choose each of my models, they are the basis of my pictures. I prefer men with strong faces, cheekbones, blue eyes, muscular and tall. It’s the basic.

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From your own experience, what is the difference between shooting male and female models? They don’t have the same vision. Girls are more emotional, more dramatic, more into feelings. Men are more on physics, they know how to use their body.

Florian, you have clearly worked with a wide range of models, what tips can you recommend to people looking to expand their portfolio? First, I think the models have to be as an evidence to their mind: ” It’s him ! I want this one because… ” If we have some questions, we hesitate, then, no, it’s not the one to use for this shooting.

Would you have any tips for aspiring photographers on how they can develop a style and vision of their own? I want to tell them try, try and then if it’s not working, ask yourself questions why it’s not working. Retry, fall, and try again. Change and if it’s working, ask yourself why it’s work. It’s my advice.

For those that would like to consider working with you, what’s the best way to start? I want to have people with strong personalities, with a strong mind, before beauty. My works can be seen on my website www.floriangimbert.com.

What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next? I have some plans with models, comedians and artists for this year. It will be better 🙂

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. Some people were always telling me that I will never be a photographer. Now I say thank you to them because I am.

Thank you, Florian.

Published February 2016 All Male Issue Volume II: BUY NOW

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL II F Gimbert PRINT

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