Interview with Photographer Gaurav Bose

“…trying to achieve a balance between all the elements that one would consider as opposites just like light and dark, beautiful yet beastly, pleasing yet mysterious. “

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I G Bose PRINTTo begin, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where is your home presently and what brought you to photography world? I am a fashion and portrait photographer from India currently based out of Toronto. Growing up with a lot of my really close friends who were musicians, photographers, graphic designers and animators a camera was around all the time and everywhere we went. Although, I never really had a proper camera until a little over a year ago, I bought the camera out of sheer boredom. The fact that its was on sale and I had some cash to spare which I thought would be a better investment than clothes.

How would you describe your photographic vision? Can you explain some of the feelings you are trying to achieve in your photographs? My photographic vision is mostly trying to achieve a balance between all the elements that one would consider as opposites just like light and dark, beautiful yet beastly, pleasing yet mysterious.

Your projects are a collaborative process. Tell us what is like to always be working with new stylists, models, and designers. Do you have your own time-tested team? I love working with a team. One person can do so much and it’s a great ability to be able to bounce ideas of each other. Its great to be working with new stylists, designers and models, as every individual brings something new and different to the table. It helps me a great deal to stay inspired and keep coming up with different creative ideas. I do have a time tested team that I can always trust and count on when it comes to executing those elaborate concept ideas.

What is your favorite thing to shoot for yourself? I love shooting beauty and fashion editorials. It gives me the space to be as creative and go as wild as I like in terms of lighting and postproduction.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I G Bose PRINT2

How do you choose your locations? Is there anything specific that you’re looking for? 99% of the time I shoot with flashes and strobes so I carry my own lighting on location or in studio. What really matters to me is the location background. I generally look for colors or lights that I could use as a background.

Is there anywhere in the world you are fascinated about and you’d like to become a location for a shoot? I am a big fan of Victorian architecture and if I have the opportunity I would love to travel all over Europe and shoot in front of these amazing structures.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I G Bose PRINT3cutWho or what was your biggest influence in photography and why? Where do you take your ideas for your shoots, what is the source of inspiration? As far as influence goes there are quite a few photographers Miss Aneila, Ben Von Wong, Amanda Diaz, Frank Doorhof and Lindsey Adler. Ben Von Wong’s success story is something that inspires me to keep pursuing photography as a profession. I am always looking at pintrest, youtube videos, music videos for shoot ideas.            

What part of a shoot is the hardest for you? And most favorite? The hardest part is setting up and packing up. I hate doing it. My most favorite part is where everything comes together and you nail the shot, it’s just a great feeling.

Which would be the first three things you think about when you start shooting? I check my batteries, memory card and my camera settings.

What is your favorite photography accessory, other than your camera? My favorite photography accessory would be my 24 pack rouge color gels. I really like to play with different colors so I always carry that with me.

From your own experience, can your tell us what are the differences between working with female models and male models? Being a guy mostly working with female models. I realized that women are really very patient when it comes to being on set, whereas, we as men, have a shorter attention span so the photographer needs to be quicker to keep up.

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I G Bose PRINT5cutWhen you’re working with a model, how important is communication during a session? Communication is a key to everything. The model and the photographer need to be on the same page. It is extremely necessary to let the model know how is she doing which also helps them in staying in the zone.

In your opinion what are the biggest challenges for an independent photographer? The biggest challenge for an independent freelance photographer is being able to find their niche and turn it into a sustainable source of income. The competition is very intense and there is a huge number of talented amateur photographers and hobbyists who are willing to shoot just for the love of it.

How do you feel about present digital manipulations and post processing in general? And how important is Photoshop in your final images? Retouching has been around forever and today with the latest retouching softwares, there is just so much more potential to get that much more closer to perfection. Digital post processing is just another tool for making better art just like your latest camera bodies and gear. Photoshop plays a pretty vital role in my final pictures, that is where I actually create my signature finished look.

What are your goals for the future? Is there anything you would like to achieve? Short term goals include shooting various other genres of photography. Long term goal’s being able to make photography a sustainable source of income.

Where can readers keep up with your work? You can look me up www.gauravbosephotography.com

Facebook page Gaurav Bose Photograpghy

Instagram @recklessbose 

2016 #2 ALL MALE VOL I G Bose PRINTa What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you? There is no other photographer out there who cares to make you look good as much as I do.

What role does social media play in your photography business? Facebook has been huge for me in terms of getting clients and at the same time help network with other creatives. Social media has helped me reach some incredibly talented artists.

What else do you do beside photography? I love playing the guitar, video games, watching movies and basketball.

Tells us one surprising fact about you. I used to play in a Death Metal band.

Any final words of wisdom you would like to share? “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite,”   by William Blake    

 Thank you, Gaurav.

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